Coastal Scents Blush and Bronzer Palette, a Review.


If you read my August 2016 Boxycharm UN-Boxing, then you have already seen this little snap shot. In this post we are just focusing on the pink thing, the Coastal Scents palette.



If you read the previous post that this was in, you would know that I was no initially impressed.Even now,looking back on the swatches and my first time seeing the palette, I am not thrilled.

The blushes seem a bit clownish, the bronzers a bit too warm, and the highlight appears to be translucent. I wasn’t 100% right, nor was I 100% wrong with the judgements I made.

Here is the palette in action…


I don’t like this blush. Still think it looks terrible on me! I know it is a bit difficult to tell in this picture due to my terrible lighting situation, but it was actually hard to blend.

The bronzers ended up being pretty nice, considering what I expected. It isn’t my favorite formula, though it is better than the blush. The matte bronzer worked nicely as a contour and the shimmer shade did a nice job at warming us my face. There were a few actual glitter specs in it, so be wary if that isn’t your jam.

The highlight ended up being my favorite product! The formula seemed different, much easier to work with. It also packed a bit more of a punch than I was expecting. I ended up with a very pretty, very natural glow.


Do I think you need this? No. Am glad I got to try it? Yes, BUT because I now know that I am not too fond of the Coastal Scents face powders.

Actually, if you want a face palette like this I recommend the Bare it All palette by ELF. It is half the price,I love all the products in it, it is Logical Harmony approved CF AND Vegan, and the highlight shades are very similar in both!

I hope you enjoyed this post, what is your favorite face palette? Highend or drugstore!

XoXO Manda

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