Pacifica Dreamy Cover Serum Based Foundation, Win or Waste?

Dreamy Cover

Today, I am coming at you with another Pacifica review! Specifically a review of the Dreamy Cover Serum Foundation, Get it here for $17!


Oh Pacifica, will your packaging ever not be perfect? I really enjoy the look of the pink, gold, and white together. The foundation its self does feel really light weight and smooth. Has no scent, and is a pretty good shade match for me. There are only 3 shades, I got fair/light.

You get 1FL OZ of product. It is of course cruelty free and vegan! It is meant to give your skin a healthy bright finish, and it does contain SPF 20, which is always fantastic.


You have to really shake this product before you use it so the pigment and serum can mix. If you don’t, it’ll turn into a tiny disaster. The first time I applied this foundation I went straight in with a beauty blender like I usually would. Never again will I do this. It absorbed too much of the serum and it made the pigment look really blotchy on my face. It does state on the box that the best way to apply it is with the Pacifica foundation brush- which I do not own. So, I used my Eco Tools foundation stippling brush, and LOVE the way it turned out!


How it wore and Over All Thoughts:

The picture above is right after application. It really did give my skin a pretty healthy glow! Through out the day my skin continued to look glowy, but never did it look greasy. The coverage was strong enough to cover up a few face demons I had at the time. I was surprised with how long lasting this foundation ended up being along with the Pacifica Jasmine Iris Primer.

Over all, I really enjoy this foundation when I use it correctly. Once it is shaken up and applied then blended with a brush, it really does give a dreamy natural look to the skin.

I 100% say it is a win!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! What is your favorite natural foundation? What is your favorite Pacifica Products?

XoXo Manda

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