Pacifica Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette; Win or Waste?


I bringeth you, again, another Pacifica review. This time a “win or waste” post on the Pacifica Solar Palette, which retails for $32.

I am going to be doing this win or waste a little differently, sense it is palette that contains a couple different types of products. But, as per usual I am going to start off by talking about….

The Packaging:

I get a really Japanese type vibe from this packaging. I am kind of really digging it. The box that the palette comes in has the shade names for all the products, so if you are buying this and planning to use it for tutorial purposes, I recommend cutting out the back of the box. The shades are not printed in the palette.

The palette itself is not thin by any means. The part of the palette that contains the products is think and pretty hard. This, however, isn’t all bad. The products are natural mineral products, which tend to break easier. This means that substantial, protective packaging is necessary.

The Cream Highlighters:


From left to right, “Gold Dust”, “Island Rose”, and “Pink Opal”

I am going to be frank. These high lighters are not all that pigmented. I have tried using them as highlighters on the face, but it was a no go. However, I love them as a center of the lip highlight, to high light my cupids bow, and on the inner corner of my eye. They aren’t a complete bust and they are very creamy and easy to blend. Just don’t expect them to give you that “wham, you can see me from space”, highlight.

The Cheek Products:


From left to right; “Flushed”, “Bronzed”

I love this blush and bronzer! They are pigmented, easy to blend, and give a beautiful glow to the face. There is no way I would use the bronzer to contour it is too warm, but it is perfect for my fair skin tone. This blush is sort of bronzy and I am freakin in love with it! I love blushes with this type of hue. The gold glitter specks in it are also beautiful and give it the perfect luminous touch.

The Shadows:


From left to right; “Neptune”, “Glow”, “Treasure” “Coral”, “Mermaid Aqua”, and “Sandal Wood”

Each and every shade is very buttery. The pigmentation you are seeing is with one swipe! I was expecting for them to be a little less pigmented, because pressed natural products seem to be. But, these shadows really impressed me!

You get a nice variety of shades in this palette. Which obviously results in the ability to create many different looks!

I think this palette is great for someone who is just starting out with makeup, some one who is wanting to play around with mineral products, or someone who justlikes to have minimal makeup products. It is really travel friendly. Overall, I love this little palette and am really glad I purchased it. I highly recommend it.

The Look I created:


I started off with my eyes, I expected there to be a lot of fall out. There actually wasn’t that much, just stray glitter.

  • I used “Neptune” as a transition shade of sorts.
  • I decided to use “Treasure” in my crease. It is such a beautiful bronze shade. I can see myself reaching for it a ton.
  • I used “Sandal Wood” to deepen up my crease and outer v.
  • This time I went with”Coral” for my lid shade, but “Mermaid Aqua” also looks beautiful in its place.
  • For my inner corner highlight and brow bone shade I used “Glow”
  • For my mascara I used the Pacifica Dream Big mascara.
  • I also used”Sandal wood” on my lower lash line.



I used the blush and bronzer from the palette to give my face some life. I originally started off with using “Gold Dust” as my highlighter, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. So, I decided to mix “Glow” and “Coral” I really love the look it gave!

Yes, this palette is totally a win for me!!!

On another note, incase you were wondering, my lip shade is the Kat Von D Ever lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Project Chimp”. I got it online at sephora. Not only is it a beautiful shade, but it is for a great cause. 20% of the proceeds go to the Project Chimp organization, which rescues monkeys from biomedical research labs and retires them to a sanctuary. You really should pick it up!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your thoughts!

XoXo Manda

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