Petit Vour August 2016 Un-Boxing



Before I begin the actually post, I just wanted to include a small, sad, announcement. After vet trips and being put on multiple medications, Peaches my pet rat, passed away. It has been a really hard day here. Just wanted to let everyone know, so if I seem a bit of for this post and maybe the next few, that is why.

On to the actual post.

Petit Vour is a green, vegan, and cruelty free monthly subscription box. It cost $15 each month and you get 3-4 sample or full sized items each month. Any time you purchase an item from the Petit Vour you get 20% cash back, pretty nice little extra.

The Contents:

Inside the box, which is hot pink, you get a nice little info card. This one has water color fruits on it, I am actually going to keep it. On the other side of the card is some product info and the prices.


True Moringa Lavencer Facial Oil $3 sample size; $26 Full sized: The story behind this product is that the moringa is supposed to ani-aging and moisturizing, and the lavender “has a soothing beauty”. You are supposed the cleanse your face and then supposed to massage this oil into your skin. I am going to try this product, but I am not too sure my skin is going to like an oil. The product does smell really good though, so it has that going for it.

Formulary 55 Body Polish Sea minerals w/ Rosemary and grapefruit $7 value: I am pretty excited about this body polish, I have heard some good reviews. I also really loving trying pody scrubs of any sort. You can combine the contents of the packet with water to make a paste and scrub with it. If you want it to be more moisturizing you can use olive oil or coconut oil instead of water. I enjoy being able to make my own grittiness. The packaging is also very simple and pretty. I am going to use it to decorate, some how.  Any ideas??

Box Naturals Luxe Towelettes 2 for $1.50; box of 12 $9: You can use this wipe for anything on your body, remove makeup, and even wipe down yogo mats. Iam glad I get to try a product like this, I have really been wanting more natural personal care items. Being able to try before I buy always makes me happy. I received some in lavender. I am really enjoying all this lavender scented stuff, it is one of my all time favorite scents.

The last item is the whole reason I decided to give this box a try.


Lily Lo Lo Sculpt & Glow contour duo $26 value:  Green beauty is insanely fascinating to me. A few weeks ago I saw a video raving about this product and really wanted to try it, and more from this brand. Then, not too long ago I saw it was in this months Petit Vourbox and decided to go ahead and give a box I have been considering a try. Especially senseIwould be getting a product I have been lusting over for essentially $10 less and with some bonus items! Some sub boxes can really be a great thing.


I am excited to try it out and review it for all of you.

Thank you so much for reading. What do you think of this box andthe brands featured? Have you ever had a beloved pet die? How did you get through it? Any little advice helps.

XoXo Manda

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