Shea Moisture Foundation *Review*


Hello all,

I have decided to give you a review of a product I actually wasn’t going to review. The Shea Moisture Weightless Serum Foundation. I got this product from Ulta for $14.99.

The reason I wasn’t going to review this product was because I really really dislike it. I thought, “why would I even discuss a product I hate so much?” But, upon thinking about it some more, I realized a lot of y’all may have the same mindset I had when purchasing it, “Wow! A natural, cruelty free, vegan foundation that isn’t crazy expensive? Hell yeah!!” How about, hell no.


This is probably the ONLY thing I like about this product. It is in a sturdy glass bottle and has a nice pump to dispense the product. I like that you can see into the bottle, makes it so much easier to tell when you are running low. I also enjoy that their little logo is in metallic gold.

That is about it for what I like.


Before applying you are supposed to give it a really good shake to combine the serum and pigment. Sounds a lot like the Pacifica Dreamy Cover Serum Based Foundation, right? That ends the similarities. I could not get this foundation to apply well with anything! Brushes, beauty blenders, my fingers, nothing worked! Needless to say, blending was a nightmare. A literally nightmare, I expected Freddy’s claws to strike me at any moment. (Yeah, I know, I’m not funny) It goes on extremely patchy as a result. It also made my face look very cakey right off the bat. It is medium coverage, but If you want to build it to full you can, but you risk looking like you have never applied foundation before, if you have the same skin type I do. It has finally seemed to stop fluctuating and settle at combination.


I have never had such bad skin days while wearing makeup in my life! Besides when I was younger that is. It clung to dry spots and broke down completely in the areas I get oily in. I looked ridiculous. A regular at work even pointed out how badly it looked….guys, I work at a truck stop, a tough ole’ male trucker pointed it out. That’s when you really know a product is terrible. EVERY SINGLE TIME I WORE IT, IT SUCKED.


This product is $14.99 and I have the shade “porcelain”, as mentioned before my skin is combination. Unless you have just the most normal skin in the galaxy, I would avoid this like the plague. I also wanted to mention that I did not include a picture of me wearing the foundation, because I could not get one that showed clearly enough how this foundation really looks on the skin.

Pass, Pass, Passsss!

What is your favorite foundation? What is your least favorite? Comment below!

XoXo Manda

3 thoughts on “Shea Moisture Foundation *Review*

  1. I’m so glad you made this post! I saw this foundation in Target yesterday and almost bought it, but wasn’t about to pay $15 for it at the time! So glad to know that I probably shouldn’t take that risk in the future!


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