ELF 3-in-1 Beautifully Bare Makeup Base *Review*


Hello, readers!

If you keep up with beauty news, than you know that ELF has been releasing a ton of new stuff lately. If you read my blog, then you also know that ELF is a brand I frequently use and purchase. ( Want to see more ELF reviews click here!)As of recently I didn’t have an ELF primer in my arsenal, and decided that now was as good a time as ever to purchase their new primer. It is $8 on the ELF site.


This is probably my favorite type of dispenser for a primer,in a squeeze tube.The tube itself is beige and white. The tube is translucent enough to see how much product you have left. The cap is screw on and made of thick clear plastic with a metallic silver center. The packaging seems very durable, although I have not traveled with it so I can not be certain.


It is pointed where the product actually comes out, this makes me feel like you have more control over how much product is being dispensed.

The Product:


The product comes out white,but shows no pigment when rubbed in. It does not have a silicone feel to it. It actually just feels like any traditional, light weight, face moisturizer. Just a little tid bit here, when I rubbed in this small amount into my hand the portion of skin that it was absorbed by was much softer than the rest of my hand! It feels the same way on the face.

How does it wear?:

I really enjoy this primer. It gave my makeup a good base to apply on. I did not really notice much of an increase in the longevity of my foundation, but I really wasn’t expecting to. Very rarely do I see an increase, I just like how much easier primers make foundation apply. My face did feel extremely moisturized, after the first time I used this, I didn’t pair it with a moisturizer and didn’t notice any extra dryness. It is a really great primer to use when you are trying to do a simple and quick makeup look.


I think this is a great base! It is inexpensive, cruelty free, and vegan. If you are looking for a good base and something quick and easy to use then I would 100% go with this product.

I really hope you enjoyed this review! What is your favorite primer? Here is mine! Let’s talk in the comments!

XoXo Manda

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