ELF Ultra Control Ink Eyeliner “Black” *Review*


I bet you are all getting tired of the ELF reviews. Don’t worry it is the last one for a little bit. As I have mentioned in previous posts, ELF has been releasing a ton of new products. This just so happens to be one of them.Lately eyeliners with strange shaped felt tip applicators are popping up everywhere. I guess ELF just had to jump on the bandwagon. This liner retails for a low price of $4 on the ELF site, here.


I love ELF’s sleek matte black packaging. The lid just clicks back on, like any other felt tip pen.


The whole idea behind this product is that the ball at the end of the tip is supposed to give you more control over your liner application.


I sort of agree with this statement. But, only for the wing application. It made applying my wing so easy that I was kind of shocked. On the other hand, it creates a basic line that is way to thick. I couldn’t get my lash line liner the way I like it. If you enjoy that bold upper lid liner, you may enjoy the look it gives.

The pigmentation of the liner itself is actually quite nice, for only $4.


It is very black, and does in fact dry down matte, quickly.

Wear and Over all Thoughts:

The liner didn’t smudge!! It was actually a little difficult to remove with just a wipe, I had to go in with a micellar water.


Really, my only gripe is with how thick it makes the upper lash line. Which is enough for me not to repurchase. There is no way I am going to take the time to use two different liquid liners. I am perfectly fine with normal applicators. But, if you are into the whole gimmick of “uniquely” shaped applicators, really like the look of a super thick lash line, or don’t mind using more than one liquid liner for a look then this is a nice liner to go with. If you end up deciding you do not like the innovative tip, it is only $4, so not much out of your pocket. It is also cruelty free and vegan, so there really is no harm done when purchasing, to fur babies or your wallet.

What is your favorite liquid eye liner? Lets discuss in the comments! Want more B&T? Check this post out! Random post link!


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