More for Your Money: Urban Decay Naked Palette


Hello All!

Makeup can get insanely expensive, and I know not everyone wants to shell out that kind of dough. I also know that if some one is going to spend that kind of dough, they like to do their research and make sure they are getting their moneys worth.I am toying with this series idea, so we are going to test drive it tonight and see how it goes!

I am going to be discussing alternative ways to use some of the shades, different look ides, and one more look that I am enjoying at the moment! Now, I know there probably are a ton of post or videos out there like this already, but you can never have too many beauty posts right? Keep reading to see how to get more for your money with the Urban Decay Naked palette.


Cost: $50

Contains: 12 matte and shimmer shadows and a double ended brush.

Permanent in the Urban Decay line.

Extra W/in the palette:

I am going to start off with the extra with the palette, the brush. Personally, I actually enjoy when a brush is included. I usually get use out of them. This is the case for the double ended brush that is included with the Naked palette. There is a smaller flat brush head on one end, that I enjoy using to pack on color to the inner corner and the outer portion of the eye.

The other end is a bit fluffier, most of the time I end up using it to apply my brow bone shade or setting my eye primer. This type of double ended brush, not the exact same one but similar, is on sale for $10 on their site right now, but was originally $20. Either way a good deal.

Alternate uses:

I am going to spit through this part pretty quickly, so the post won’t take days to read. I also will not include “duh” statements; such as, “The dark shades can be used a liner.” Just know usually the dark shades can be used as liner.

  • “Sin” and “Virgin” the two lightest shades, make really pretty highlights. “Sin” works perfect alone, and is stunning when wet. “Virgin” is harder to see on its own, but used in conjunction with “Sin” it gives a bit lighter and luminous look to the skin.
  • The shade “Naked” can be used as a brow powder! Keep in mind, this is if you have pretty light hair. I use it for a brow powder pretty often, sense I go over it with a gel anyway.

My Top 3Shade Favorites:

  • “Sin” and “Virgin” : I am just lumping these two together, because if I don’t use one I use the other. These are my go to inner corner and brow bone shades. Out of all of the options I have, 8/10 times I reach for wither one of these.
  • “Naked”: Another shade I reach for over other shades in other palettes. This is my go to transition shade. It isn’t too warm, so it really is perfect for helping shadows defuse.
  • “Toasted”: I love this shade all over the lid. The look it gives makes me think of fall, which is my favorite time of year. I also like to use it in the crease when I do a more neutral look, but don’t want it to be boring. I really have no other shade like it!

Current Look I’m Loving:


  • I primed my eyes with the Urban Decay shadow potion. Only seemed fitting.
  • I buffed “Naked” into my crease
  • I then buffed “Buck” on top of that to give it a tiny bit more warmth. “Buck” was actually my go to “add warmth” shade before I got the Too Faced Semi Sweet palette. I love the shade peanut butter.
  • For my lid I covered the 2nd third with “Toasted”.
  • To deepen my crease I then went in with “Hustle”. I also used this shade on the outer 3rd of my eye. This lady also went on my lower lash line to make it smokey.
  • On the inner 3rd of my eye I used the shade “Side Car”, it is a pretty unique shade in my collection.
  • I decided to go with “Sin” for my inner 3rd and “Virgin” for my brow bone highlight.
  • I give my upper lash a bit more dazzle I used “Creep” as a soft and smokey liner.

Bonus Look! W/O Pictures:

If I am feeling too lazy to actually do my makeup, this is the palette I go with.

  • Use “Naked” in the crease to deepen it.
  • Put “Sin” all over the lid.
  • Use “Virgin” in the inner corner and on the brow bone.

Super simple!!

Yes, you are going to be spending $50, a pretty good chunk of change, on this palette. But, it really is a fantastic staple palette. It is neutral, so you do not have to worry about having those random shades you won’t use, it comes from a CF company (though their parent company is not), and is very versatile there are dozens of more looks that can be done with this palette, besides the 2 I listed.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post, and that this series ends up being helpful! How do you like to use the Urban Decay Naked palette? What is your favorite multi-purpose product? Comment below! Want more B&T? Here is another post to read!

XoXo Manda

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