*Ipsy Product Review* Tarte Tartest Mascara


Evening, y’all!

I was siting in my living room watching “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” when I realized I didn’t wash off my makeup from today. Which then reminded me that I have been trying out this Tarte mascara for a few days and I believe I have my thoughts collected on it!

If you read my Ipsy Un-Bagging September 2016 post, then you know that my first impression of this mascara was not the best. This is the post where I am going to elaborate my thoughts and give you my full opinion of the product.


In the Ipsy bag I was given the travel size. Which I prefer for mascara,  it is much easier to use it up this way before it expires. The packaging is cute. I really like black and gold. However, there is a major flaw, the way it closes. It doesn’t just screw on, you have to snap the cap on. What?! What other mascara does this? None! Because it is the worst idea. The product collect where it clicks, then it gets all over the place. It is just a matter of time before the cap gets UN-snapped by something and the product dries out. Typically a travel sized mascara is $12. This packaging flaw should not be on a small $12 mascara.

Details from product site:

“A jet black lash paint mascara that increases lash volume by 2700% instantly with a patented soft bristle brush. Vegan, ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested.

  • triple-black painted mineral pigments: deliver rich, ultra-black pigment while nourishing and softening skin around the lashline

Product performance: Paint it black for stronger, thicker, sexier-looking lashes with this amped-up, drama-filled mascara. Powered by triple-black painted mineral pigments, it soften and nourishes lashes, while painting on glossy, ultra-black definition for a 2700% increase in lash volume. The custom sculpted paint brush wand features flexible, molded bristles that grab-and-lock even the tiniest lashes, saturating them in 360° root-to-tip, jet-black pigment. In a simple stroke, it sculpts, separates and lifts lashes so you can dramatically boost volume, length and curl with the grace and ease of a tarteist™. “

*I also want to add that this product IS vegan friendly.*

The Application:

The wand is large with spikey rubber bristles. Actually, the wand looks quite a bit like the Benefit They’re Real mascara, with the spikey ball at the end. If any of you remember from the earlier days of my blog, I love the Benefit They’re Real mascara. They way the bristles are lined up on the wand makes it so easy to get each and every lash. The more product you apply, the bigger your lashes will get. And the clumpier. This mascara is not particularly wet, but it still gets clumpy quickly.


Wear and Over all thoughts:

There was some flaking after my 9+ hour work shifts under my eyes, but that is to be expected. My lashes did still look amazing though, each time.

Do you see my lashes in the picture above?! They look fake! This is the best my lashes have ever looked! I am ordering the full size. Surprising plot twist right? After using this mascara I can’t let it go. I really hope the full size does not have the same packaging flaw. But, geeze I almost think it is worth it even if it does. Want to try it as well? Pick it up here!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried this mascara? Comment your thoughts down below! Want more B&T? Check this out!

XoXo Manda

8 thoughts on “*Ipsy Product Review* Tarte Tartest Mascara

  1. I enjoyed your post. I use this mascara religiously and have the full size. Mine has always closed tight all the way. Maybe just a flaw in the travel size? I’ve had so many people ask me if I am wearing falsies. Love that mascara!


  2. powdermeperfect

    Great post! I’ve always been back and forth on Tarte, but this looks interesting! Except for that whole cap thing, they’re probably going to get some complaints about that. But thank you, this was very informative!


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