September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box UN-Boxing



Let’s UN-box the September Vegan Cuts Beauty box shall we? For as love as $18.50 a month you can get 4-7 full and sample sized vegan beauty products. I think this is a fantastic way to try out new products and help you discover products if you are new to vegan beauty. Sign up here!

This months theme is “Back to Beauty School”. It says, “Get educated on the latest vegan beauty”. That’s pretty cool. It came with 5 items, technically, 6 all listed out on their cute little card.

The Contents:

Luxie Beauty 227 Blending brush:


I love getting brushes in makeup subscriptions. Especially when they are such great quality. The card says, “dense, yet soft to the touch onyx noir blending brush; a makeup collection must-have.” Luxie brushes are amazing quality, but I can never bring myself to make a purchase of them. So, I am always really excited when I get them! This is a $16 value!

William Roam Shampoo + Conditioner:


I seriously love Vegan Cuts. These two nice sized bottles are counted as one product, most companies wouldn’t do that! There was a mistake with my package and I got two conditioners. But, I emailed their costumer service, and less then 15 minuets later, I got an email back saying that they would send me the shampoo. Great service! They have an herbal smell to them,  but not too herbal. It is actually really hard to explain. Let’s see what the card has to say. “Hydrating and fresh-feeling shampoo + conditioner duo for all hair types.” I am pumped to try this duo out for y’all and let you know how it works. This is a $14 value.

Page Ashbury Facial Moisturizer:


Okay, this smells amazing. It has a very floral scent, which I am really into. It comes in a small plastic bottle with a pump that dos lock for travel. The card says, “Rejuvenating facial moisturizer powered by jasmine and neroli essential oils and aloe vera.” I will definitely keep y’all updated on this product. This is a $7.50 value.

SK Pure Essentials Jasmine Citrus Body Scrub:


I think I am in love with the scent of jasmine. And the grain of the scrub! It feels like it is just straight sugar, nothing else. It is kind of neat! The card reads, “Gentle exfoliating organic cane sugar body scrub infused with jasmine and citrus oil” This is a $4.50 value.

Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Lip Radiance”Naked”

vcs6This lip color is this months featured product. The card says, “Show your lips some love with this luxurious lip color.” Not much info, but whatever.


I love this color. I also love the smell and texture. I will be reaching for this a ton I can already tell. It is a $24 value. Geeze.

Over All:

Vegan Cuts never disappoints me. I am really happy with this box. I am so glad I am able to try out different vegan beauty products every month, and that I get to share them with all of you! This months box was an over all value of, $66. I only payed $22.95, you go Vegan Cuts!!

I hope you enjoyed this read! What did you think of this box? Have you tried vegan cuts, what did you think? Want more B&T? Read this next!

XoXo Manda

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