Boxy Charm Product Review; Studio Makeup on-the- go eye-shadow palette


Hey guys!

Ever since I posted my Boxy Charm UN-boxing for September, I have gotten questions about this palette. This post is going to be my review on the palette, then tomorrow I am posting a look using the palette! The look is very fall centered, so keep your eyes open for it.

If you purchase this palette it is $49.95, which is about the price of a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. This palette contains 9 shades with a total weight of 13.5 g.

Purchase it here.

Details from the site:

“On the Go eyeshadow palette is a compilation of shades that updates the bare beauty look with a cosmopolitan attitude. With this elegant palette you can create the prettier, urban makeup look and Go Studio from day to night. The On the Go Eyeshadow Palette includes 9 shades that will boost your confidence all year round.”

This palette is Limited edition.

This palette DOES contain carmine as a color additive, therefore it is NOT vegan friendly.

I can not find any information about this companies cruelty free stance, so I E-mailed them and will update you all when I get a response.


The packaging is super sleek and thin, which I really appreciate. There is a magnet that keeps the palette closed. There is no mirror in the palette, which is something I think is essential when you are trying to market a product as “on the go”.  The back of the palette has a picture of the shades and the ingredients used in the shadows. The only thing I don’t like about the packaging is how there is no mirror, other than that it is great!

The shadows:


As you can easily see, this palette is warm toned. Which I love. I am going to give a tiny description of each shade then talk about the formula over all.

  • Light shimmery shade, great inner corner highlight.
  • Matte Cream shade. Always a fantastic shade to have on hand.
  • Gold toned light shimmery shade.
  • Matte light brown
  • Shimmery cooper. Beautiful shade. Almost metallic
  • Matte warm toned brown, perfect for fall
  • Deep glittery brown. Has actual glitter in it rather than shimmer.
  • Matte deep brown
  • Matte Black
    All of the shades are extremely pigmented and buttery. The mattes are not the slightest bit chalky and the shimmery shades are amazing and it takes the smallest amount for them to make a huge impact.



I really love this palette! It can be used to make a ton of different looks and has a ton of shades that are essential to any collection. I highly recommend getting your hands on this palette if you are able to. I am really interested in trying more products from this company. I am really hoping that they are cruelty free so that I can continue to love this palette and pick up some more stuff from them!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think of this palette? What are your favorite warmed toned shadows? Comment below! Want more B&T? Check this post out! You can also find me on Instagram and Snap Chat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

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