Let’s Talk Date Night!


How is everyone?

Today I am bringing you a post, that is quite different for me. I was recently contacted by a community coordinator, who is super sweet, from the company Turo to do a post talking about their car sharing company. My first thought was, “what in the world is car sharing?” After doing some research (browsing their site) I came to discover it is really neat! Basically, on their site, this gem right HERE, You can rent cars from other people while you travel and you can also rent out your car to make extra money. I think this is really cool, and a great way to get around while on a trip, without having to pay the excessive money that you pay at a normal car renting facility. I am most excited about the fact that they have TESLAS!!!!  If you are an avid reader of my blog, than you know that my  significant other is almost done with college in Aero Space Engineering, meaning he has a huge man crush on Elon Musk.

I bet you are wondering how this pertains to a beauty blog, well I’ve got your answer. Renting a fancy car or one you have always wanted to experience would make a fantastic edition to any date night/weekend. Which also means you get to do some fancy date night makeup.

My perfect date would be renting a Tesla and driving to a national park, like Yellow Stone, and exploring nature, having a picnic, then spending the night at a camp ground. I wanted to do a look that was simple, but still had some drama to it, it is a date after all!

The Look:


Per usual I want to apologize for the Selfie quality. Life is hard and so is finding an inexpensive, but good, camera.

  • For my eyes I started off with the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus eye primer. I have said it before, but I really want to stress how similar it is to the Urban Decay Primer Potion (original) and it cost so much less.
  • I decided to break out my Tarte Tartelette Tease palette. It is very pigmented and really easy to do a natural or dramatic look with.

I used “Whisper” to set my primer, this also acted as my brow bone and inner corner highlight.

For my transition shade I decided to use “Wink”.

I then took the shade “Crush” and applied it to the middle of my lid to my outer corner

I took the shade “First Kiss” after that and put it on the rest of my lid.

To deepen up my crease and outer V I applied “BFF” and buffed it in.

I used the shade “Heart Breaker” as a liner on my upper and lower lash line.

  • For my mascara I used the Benefit Roller Lash. I used a travel size because my intent is to travel with these products, making this mascara perfect. I love how long it makes my lashes look!
  • For my brows I went with my usual ELF brow pencil in “Taupe” and cleaned it up with a NYX concealer. I set them with a clear mascara from Essence.


  • I primed my face with the Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Facial Sun Screen and Primer. This stuff works great and is 3 things in one! Really cuts down the products you need to throw in your makeup bag for the next day, I enjoy that.
  • To prep my lips I decided to use the ECO Lips balm in sweet mint. I usually use my Glossier Balm Dot Com, but wanted something smaller to leave more room in my makeup bag. In case you were wondering the bag pictured at the beginning of the post is the one I would use if I were actually going on this amazing date, just for some reference.
  • To correct my dark circles I used the Tarte CC Under Eye Corrector in light-medium. I love this product, ever since I got it at Ulta I haven’t used another under eye concealer.
  • For my foundation I decided to use the L’oreal True Match in Porcelain. I am trying to use it up, I didn’t want to waste it when I transitioned. The bottle is small and the glass is sturdy. Man, I really wish L’oreal was cruelty free!
  • I set my face with the Pacifica Perfect Lotus Powder. It is smooth, inextencsive, and the super cute tin it is in is small, making it perfect for a little trip like this.
  • For my blush, bronzer and highlighter, I decided to take one thing. The ELF Total Face Palette. I love this palette and use it constantly. It is slim, making it easy to travel with and the shades could also work as eye shadow, cutting down the products you would need even more!
  • The final step is my lips. I wanted to do something natural, but still fall-esque. I thought this would be the perfect time to reach for the NYX High Voltage lipstick in “Flutter Kiss”. For some reason I never talk about this line, but I love it! The formula is long wearing and moisturizing. The tube is slim making it an amazing travel companion.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I know it is a little different for me, but I thought it was a ton of fun! What is your ideal date? What travel products would you bring? Comment below!! Want more B&T? Read this! You can also find me on Instagram and Snap Chat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

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