Boxy Charm October 2016 UN-Boxing!


Hello Everyone!

From the title you can guess what this post is about! We are going to UN-box my October Boxy Charm! For my Ipsy post this month I included a look using the products, but I decided not to do so with the Boxy Charm products, sense they are full size and it will be easier to give the products their own posts.

Let’s stop blabbing and jump into this box.

This months theme is Boxy Bazaar, which I like. I am really in to the whole oddities and out of the ordinary things that the world has to offer.


The first item in the box is the Briogeo Rosarco blow dry perfection & heat protectant creme.  I have tried this before and love it. When I saw the full sized bottle in the box I was really glad. I am going to get a ton of use out of this, I might actually start styling my hair more often now that I have this. ($24 value.)

The next thing in the box is stinking awesome!! The Luxie Eye Blender Brush Pack. I love Luxie brushes and wanted to try more so badly. The brushes are amazing quality, and very cute. I really enjoy that these were in the box, especially 3 of them, it is nice that it was a set rather than just a singular brush. ($36 value!)

The next item is a Star Looks Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Piquant”


This is a super pretty deep mauve/ berry shade. I have worn it a few times and it last quite a while and feels really comfortable. I like blending my Notoriously Morbid Changling Top Coat in “Touch of Magic” in the center of my lower lip, the colors look amazing together. ($19 value.)

Next in the box was the Temptu Shimmer bronzer. This is the only item I am not to excited about right now, but I think I will end up getting in to it in  a few months once it is summer again.


It looks pretty, but awfully warm. I do not have a Temptu system and I am not one for liquid bronzers. I may end up passing this along once I actually try it. ($29.50 value.)

The last item in the box is really cool. It is the Ipy Beauty “Three’s Company” Trio eye shadow. I had never heard of this brand, so I was excited to see what kind of quality the shadows are.


Look how pretty and pigmented it is! I can not wait to use this and review it for y’all. Boxy Charm is really killing it with the eye shadows they have been including in their boxes. I do wish it wasn’t neutral, but I can always buy more from this brand if I like it. ($19 value.)


I love Boxy Charm and they have delivered another great box. I will get use out of all of it but the bronzer (maybe), so 4/5 isn’t bad, especially when the 4 good items are fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What did you think of Boxy Charm this month? Have ou tried any of these items, were they good? Comment below! Want more B&T? Read this next! You can also find me on Instagram and Snap Chat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

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