Too Faced Mascara Melt Off | Does it work?


In my make-up removing routine, removing mascara is one of the hardest parts. I tend to big time layer it on, sense I really hate falsies. When Too Faced came out with the Mascara Melt Off I was immediately interested. It did however take me a while to actually cave and get it.

The product is on a wand applicator with little ribs that catch your lashes. The Mascara Melt Off retails for $17, I got mine, here.

From the site:

“How to Use:

Step 1. Use the precision wand to coat lashes base-to-tip

Step 2. Leave on for at least 60 seconds to allow the product to penetrate lashes

Step 3. Sweep away the dissolved mascara with a damp cloth or makeup wipe

More To Love:

  • Conditioning, oil-based formula dissolves even the strongest waterproof mascara
  • Antioxidant-rich Green Tea Extract infused to protect lashes
  • Rice Lipids Extract to condition lashes”


“6.8 mL / 0.23 Fl. Oz. Neopentyl Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Isohexadecane, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate, DI-PPG-3 Myristyl Ether Adipate, Squalane, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract/Oryza Sativa Extract, Hexyldecanol, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil/Glycine Soja Oil, Bisabolol, Cetylhydroxyproline Palmitamide, Stearic Acid, Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Sterols/Brassica Campestris Sterols, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Phenoxyethanol.”

My thoughts and experience:

I am in love with the idea of this product. I hate waking up with racoon eyes because my mascara didn’t come all the way off. The thought behind it is great, all the way down to the way the product is applied. The product itself, not so great. Believe me, it works, takes off all of my mascara. My lashes even feel conditioned. But, it burns my eyes so badly that I can’t stand it! It even makes the skin around my eyes hurt. Even if I wash or wipe it off immediately.

Because of the pain, I will not repurchase this product. Maybe I just have crazy sensitive eyes. If your eyes aren’t too sensitive it does work fantastic. But, if you are like me, stay far away from the Too Faced Mascara Melt Off if you prefer your eyes to NOT burn like the fire under Satans ass.

I hope you enjoyed this short review! What is your favorite way to remove stubborn eye makeup? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

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Sample Series | Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask


*This series is my way of getting through the massive amounts of samples that I have accumulated.*

The Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask is meant to give you an instant glow. It is also meant to decongest and reduce pores, and trap hydration to promote elasticity in the skin. It is 100% natural.

It is Made in Vermont, Cruelty free, certified vegan, and an eco-certified organic cosmetic. It does not contain toxins, fillers,artificial fragrances,synthetics, gmo’s, or gluten!

The full-size of the mask cost $58. You can check it out, here!

From Sephora’s site:

-For immediate glow, apply a thick layer of the Resurfacing Mask on a clean face.
-Leave for 20 to 30 minutes (10 minutes is recommended for sensitive skin).
-Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
-Use once a week for normal skin, or up to three times a week for oil and blemish control.
-As a spot treatment, apply a small dab on blemish and leave overnight; reapply as necessary.

Tata’s tip: “I sleep in this mask! I wake up, cleanse with my Regenerating Cleanser, revealing radiant and clear skin!”

My experience and thoughts:

After cleansing my face, I applied the mask and left it on for 20 minuets. I really enjoy that this mask is a gel and not a thick cream. The thick cream masks kind of gross me out, the get under my nails during application and are hard to get off my face. God forbid they get in the hair.

I knew it was time to wash off when I noticed it started to sting a bit. It wasn’t bad, but enough to make me think, “Oh crap! This has been on too long!” Before I actually washed it off I rubbed it in a bit, to really get every layer of my skin.

After wards, I noticed my skin actually did look much better, after only one use! It looked cleaner, and my pores weren’t as obnoxious. There was even a reduction of black heads on my nose. It also made my skin feel incredibly soft! Later on in the day when I applied make-up, my skin looked amazing, one of the best skin days I have had in ages!

I think this is a mask that I am actually going to pick up after I use up some of the ones I have collecting dust. I think it is very worth the $58, especially sense it is free of so many harmful ingredients that many other skin care products do still contain.

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Have you tried this mask? What are your favorite Tata Harper products; makeup and skincare? Comment below! You can find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

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New-Trails VS Neutrals | Make-Up Revolution


Inexpensive palettes are so tempting. Especially when beauty vloggers like Emily Noel83 say that they are good alternatives to the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette.

Quite a bit ago I made a wish list post. This palette was on there. Maybe a day later I ended up ordering it. I figured it was about time to give it a proper review!

This palette contains 16 shades and retails for $10. It is supposedly only at!


*Finger swatches*

  • Bias: Cream shade with more of a yellow undertone and shimmer.
  • Neutal: Matte mid toned brown.
  • Personal:Very light peach with shimmer
  • Vogue: Peach with shimmer
  • Trend: Very warmed toned matte brown
  • New-Tral: Darker rosy peach with shimmer
  • Tone:Cranberry shade with a peach shift. Almost metallic
  • Custom: Dark matte brown


  • Cool: Matte White
  • Style: Light pink, shimmer.
  • Partial: Darker pink, almost mauve, with shimmer
  • Mode: Shimmery bronze
  • Adapt: Mid toned matte brown, slightly deeper than “neutral”.
  • Buff: Shimmery brown
  • Suit: Almost the same shade as “buff” but matte.
  • Strong: Looks black in the picture, but it is actually violet with a ton of shimmer.

The Look:

  • I primed my eyes with the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus eye-shadow primer
  • I then set it with the Wet n’ Wild single in “Brulee”
  • As a transition shade I tried to use the shade “Neutral”, but there really isn’t any pigmentation.
  • For my lid I used the shade “Personal”. This is probably one of the hardest shades I have ever tried to use. It was so patchy! I tried using a flat brush, a fluffy brush, and my finger. Nope. It sucks. So patchy and ended up becoming clumpy.
  • To deepen the outer corner and my crease I used the shade “Trend”. I actually really enjoy this shade! It blends great. I also used it on my lower lash line, super pretty! I would have payed $10 for this shade alone.
  • To highlight my inner corner and my brow bone I used the shade “Cool”. I really like this shade as well.

Over All:

For $10, this palette isn’t bad! I did not like the peachy shades in this palette, or the lighter shimmery shades. Which was kind of the entire reason I bought it. I am really tempted to depot the entire right half of the palette and the shade “Cool” into a Z palette and just toss the rest. If you are thinking like I was, hoping to get this as a very inexpensive alternative to the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, than I think you will be disappointed. But, $10 for how pretty more than half the palette is, is pretty nice. Granted, you can find other dupes, but probably not for as inexpensive as this. Especially during the cyber Monday sale at Ulta right now!

I really hope that you enjoyed this post! What do you think of this palette? What are your must have Makeup Revolution products? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

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Studio Make-Up “Cool Down” Palette | Boxy Charm Product Review


Boxy Charm is an amazing way to try out different brands. In September we were sent the “Warm Up” palette by the Studio Make-Up brand, and now we have been sent their new palette as well!

You can read my post on the “Warm Up'” palette, here!

This palette has a retail price of $49.95. I can not seem to find it on their site yet, but I will link their site, here, so you can check out what else they have to offer.

This palette offers 9 shadows; 4 shimmers, 4 mattes, and 1 metallic. All in cool/plum tones. All of them are extremely pigmented and very buttery. The only shade I am not totally in love with is the metallic shade, and that is just because I dislike the texture. The pigmentation is still out of this world.

The Shadows:


  • Very light shimmer shade, with a very slight pink under tone. This has been my go to inner corner high light lately.
  • The essential matte cream shade. Works well, no different than any other matte cream shade.
  • Light champagne shade, shimmer. This has been my favorite lid shade lately when I am trying to just do a quick and easy look.


  • This is the metallic shade. I really don’t know how to describe this shade besides a taupe with some mauve. I do not like the texture, but it does look pretty. I just think it is a little hard to work with, it tends to clump up during application on my lids.
  • Light matte gray. I have been using this is my crease every day since I have gotten the palette. I have been throwing this in my crease then the matte cream or the shimmery champagne shade on my lid, then I am done with my shadow
  • Shimmery light purple. Beautiful shade! This is what “candied violet” should have been in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.


  • Matte plum. Another Beautiful shade. Much better than the matte plum in the Meet Matte Trimony palette from The Balm.
  • Shimmery taupe. This shadow is much more powdery than the other shimmer shadows, or any of the shadows in general, in this palette. It is beautiful and works just a nice, it just has some major fallout you have to look out for.
  • A matte deep gray. This is a nice alternative to black. It is pigmented and works amazing as a shadow to really to define your crease or lash line.

The Look:


*Picture quality is lacking, I again apologize.

  • I started off by using the light gray as a transition shade.
  • I then took the darker shimmery shade, the one that is really powdery, and put it in the inner and outer third if my lid. I then took what was left of my brush and drug it into my crease to connect the two shades.
  • My my halo effect I used the pretty champagne shade.
  • To blend out the edges and highlight my brow bone I used the matte cream shade.
  • I highlighted my inner corner with the lightest shade in the palette.
  • I took the darker matte gray to define my lower lash line.

Over All:

I love this palette! I can not stop using it. It is pretty pricey for nine shades, but they are such amazing quality that it is worth it! I really only dislike the metallic shade, the fact that it does not have a mirror, and wish that it did not contain carmine.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Have you tried this palette? What do you think? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snap chat as manda_janette

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A Dramatic and DRUGSTORE Holiday Look | Emphasis on the Eyes!


It is that time of year again. The time for family, food, and dramatic makeup looks! For my first holiday(ish) post, I wanted to do a dramatic and affordable look that is very easy to achieve. I wanted to focus most of the emphasis on the eyes, for this go around.

The only product I used that is not affordable that I used for this look is the Too Faced Hang Over RX Primer and the Skyn Iceland Icelandic under eye cream. Somethings you just can’t change, especially when you got zero sleep the night before.

The Brows, Face, and Lips:


  • For my brows I only used the ELF brow kit in the lightest shade. I have loved this kit for ages and recommend it a million times over!
  • I used a foundation, that I bet you all thought I would never again use. The Shea Moisture Shea Serum Foundation. I decided a few weeks ago to revisit this product, and I have no idea what happened, I guess the cold dried out my skin, but I LOVE this stuff now! Seriously, I went from loathing it to being die hard in love with it.
  • For my concealer I used the NYX Concealer in a jar. I am almost all the way done with this concealer, after I use up a few I have I will repurchase this. It is fantastic coverage at an even better price. You can always make it cheaper with the $3.50 off $15 at Ulta!
  • I then set my face with the L’oreal True Match powder. I am so close to being done with this, then all my nasty cruel powders will be gone!! Now all I need is a  cruelty free dupe!
  • To set my under eyes I used the highlight in the Wet n’ Wild Contour duo, the lighter shade. I love using it for this purpose. Yes, the other shade was used for a light contour! Not my favorite drugstore contour,  the ELF contour palette is, but I thought that I have shoved that down your throats enough.
  • For my blush and to bronze the rest of my face I used the ELF Blush and Bronzer Duo in Fiji-matte. If you do not own this, you need to get it. It is extremely inexpensive, and fantastic quality! I have gone through at least 3 of these duos, which says a lot.
  • For my highlight I used the lightest shade in the Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette.
  • I wanted to do a warmer nude lip, but not like I usually do. I decided to use the Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lipstick in “Bare it all”. This is a shade that is mentioned by people in the beauty community a ton, and for good reason. It is a beautiful shade that doesn’t take away from the eyes, but also makes your lips still look stunning.

The Eyes:


  • For my eye primer I used the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus eye primer. I have made it obvious so many times that I love this stuff! It is a must purchase.
  • Then I took the smoke shade from my ELF double ended eye pencil and smudged it all over my lid and then made it just a bit more even.
  • For my transition shade I used the shade Wet n’ Wild duo that I used to contour.
  • All over my lid I took the last shade in the Comfort Zone palette. I patted it on with an ELF “c” brush, did not sweep!
  • Then I took the lid shade of the neutral side of the palette and buffed it into my crease just a bit to blend and warm up the look.
  • To deepen up my outer corner only I used the definer of the more neutral side of the palette.
  • I also took the lid shade of the green side of the palette and just popped it into the center of my lid to make my eye look a little rounder.
  • I then blended out any edges with the highlight from the contour duo.
  • I used the very first shade in the palette to highlight my inner corner.
  • I then tight lined and lined my lower lash line with the black end of the ELF double ended pencil. I also drew a thin line on my top lash line, just to help my lashes appear thick.
  • To smoke out my lower lash line a bit, I decided to use the contour shade again.
  • I used the Pacifica Dream Big mascara as usual!

I really hope you enjoyed this look! What are your favorite holiday looks to do? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

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Liquid Lipstick Declutter


Stuff accumulates so fast. Sometimes it is very therapeutic to sift through it and pass stuff along. I have decided to de-clutter (again), and this time I am starting with my liquid lipsticks.

I love liquid lipsticks, It is usually the lip product that I reach for. But, I have noticed I have some that I have never worn, shades I will never wear, and shades that are repeats. Yet, it was still so hard to get rid of any!

I started off with 35, and have decided to (so far) de-clutter 8. Which is more than I thought I would, so progress is progress.


  • NYX Liquid Suede “Life’s a Beach”- I really like this line, but I will never wear this shade.
  • OCC Lip Tar “Strumpet”- I have a few other liquid lipsticks that are this same color and are in packaging I like better. I have never used this, because it is just a hassle.
  • Essence Liquid Lipstick “Beauty Secret”- This is another one that I have a ton of similar shades to. I love this line, but have others that I like much more.
  • Jordana Sweet Matte Lip “Cherry Cobbler”- Repeat shade. I actually have some more higher end liquid lipsticks that are this same shade, and I love them. Felt right to let this one go.
  • NYX Lip Suede “Kitten Heels”- Another repeat shade. Again, I like this line, but of these shades this is my lease favorite.
  • ELF High Shine Liquid Lip “Naked Nude”- I hate these. That’s all I have to say.
  • ELF High Shine Liquid Lip “Red Apple”- Read above…
  • Wet N Wild Metallic Liquid Lipstick “Chrysanthemum’s the word”- Never will I wear this. It is a nice formula and metallic lips a nice, but not the shade for me.

I hope you enjoyed this de-clutter, I will be posting more, probably right after this post! I am on a roll!! What have you de-cluttered lately? Comment below! Find me  on Snapchat and Instagram as manda_janette

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Zoe Organics Refresh Oil | An Organic Review.


*I got this product in a Vegan Cuts box a few months back, picture courtesy of*

Lately, I have been obsessed with making aspects of my life more natural. I thought the most important place to start was with the medications I put into my body. I was on a lot of different mood stabilizing medications,  which in turn as caused really bad kidney problems. So, I did something that I was advised not to do, and cut them out. Instead replacing them with natural oils, essences, and habits. And I have never been so relaxed and content in my entire life. I have decided to explore and expand these changes with all of you- starting by reviewing a product I have been using for a while now and can’t function with out.

The Zoe Organic Refresh Oil is made with 100% organic ingredients. It is meant to ease queasiness. With anxiety, for me anyway, comes with extreme queasiness. This oil contains peppermint, lime, and ginger. The peppermint and ginger especially, are very refreshing and relaxing to me.

I put this on all of my pressure points every morning, any time I travel, at work, and whenever I start to feel a little anxious- a long with another oil for anxiety. My favorite way to use it is to put it under my nose and breath deeply. If I have makeup on, I’ll put it on my wrist and smell them, deeply. I apologize for that ridicules wording, I could not for the life of me think of a substitute word!

When I get through this roller I am 100% buying another!

I also think it is very important to mention this is a pregnancy safe product! I know that queasiness is a big part of pregnancy, at least it was for me. I would have loved to go back and use this instead of taking the medications I did. I honestly believe they played a huge part in my son being born two months early.

You can get it here, for $14!

I hope you enjoyed this little review! What are your favorite oils and essences? Comment below, especially for anxiety and depression. You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

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Strange and Off Putting | Notoriously Morbid


The most stunning matte orange that I have EVER seen is the pigment “Strange and Off-Putting”. After checking out this post, if you decide you want to try this shadow, then you can pick up a sample baggie of it, here, for only $1.25!!

I also used the shade “Honey Island Swamp Monster” from Notoriously Morbid, in the look I will be featuring in this post. I also used two shades from Glamour Doll Eys, but have shown them in previous posts, I tend to use these two a lot now. “Electric Chair” as my inner corner highlight and “Inconsiderate” as my transition.

Strange and Off-Putting:


Honey Island Swamp Monster:


If this is a shade you would like to try you can get it for, again, only $1.25, here! I chose this shade to pair with Strange and Off-Putting because it is a blue-gray with a really pretty orange shift.

The Look:


* Please ignore the liner. This is when I was trying out the Eyeko liner that is supposed to be smudge free. News flash it is not. And I hate it, then got a 2nd in this months Ipsy bag. No thanks.*

  • I started off by buffing “Inconsiderate” in to my crease.
  • I then just put “Strange and Off-Putting ” all over my lid. It is really pretty in the crease as well, but I wanted it to be a little more dramatic.
  • To deepen up my outer corner and my crease a little, I used “Honey Island Swamp Monster.” This shade is beautiful and would make a real pretty smokey lid shade.
  • For my highlight shade I used “Electric Chair”.


I also threw “Strange and Off-Putting” on my lower lashline and smudged it with “Inconsiderate”.

I am seriously in love with the brand Notoriously Morbid and highly recommend that you check them out.

I hope you enjoyed this look! Tell me what you think in the comments! You can also find me on Snapchat and Instagram as manda_janette

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November Boxy Charm Un-boxing!


It is time for another un-boxing, November Boxy Charm!

This months theme is ” let us take you down to groovy town”. For some reason, I noticed that a few of the items that I got are different than a lot of other peoples this month. Not sure if that is good or bad yet! Oh, before I forget, I am currently wearing the Formula X polish I got in my Ipsy bag, and I am loving it! Maybe I just had some bad shades before? Now I want all their darker colors and more creamy polishes.

I have a lot going on right now, but wanted to get some posts up for y’all before I am gone for a few days, so let’s jump into this!


The first thing is this crown brush pencil brush. The insert says it is a detailed crease brush, but I like it more as a pencil brush. This brush retails for $12.99. I love getting brushes in these boxes, I hate shopping for them.


The next thing is the Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream with glacial flower extract.I have heard some people talk about Skyn Iceland and it seems to be a pretty good brand. I have used this eye cream a few times and love it! Right after using it, geeze while using it, I can see a difference in my dark circles. After I finish this one up, I am for sure going to buy it. It retails for $20. This was on of the products other people got some type of oil instead of. Apparently it is an expensive and super nice oil though..


The third item is the Illuminating face highlight in the shade “Rose Gold”, by the brand Vintage. I believe I got a vintage gloss is an Ipsy bag like a year ago. If my memory serves me well, then it reminded me of play make-up and I gave it to my little sister, who was 7 at the time. I actually plan on doing a post about different ways to use this product. It is beautiful and feels really soft. To me it looks like a blush topper. But, will I ever use a blush topper? Probably not.  The alternative other people got to this was the Makeup Geek blush in “Heart Throb”, just the pan. I think I would have rather gotten that. This powder retails for $32.


The 4th item is this stunning Kiss Proof Lip Creme from Bellapiere. I have gotten products from this brand from Vegan Cuts before, and love them. This product is no different. The shade is perfect for me and it smells like strawberries! In case you were wondering, the shade is “Antique Pink”. This product retails for $20. I WANT MORE!


Hell yeah Boxy Charm! If you can continue to send us the Studio to go eyeshadow palettes that would be perfect. I am sure from that you can guess what this is. Another  Studio To Go palette! This one is the “Cool Down” palette. It’s beautiful! I have an entire post coming up on this little guy. I do not even see this palette on their site yet, so that is kind of cool to have it already! It retails for $49.95

I seriously love Boxy Charm, it has yet to let me down.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think of these products? Any you want to see featured? Comment below! You can also find me on Snapchat and Instagram as manda_janette

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Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet | November 2016


The best around $15 a month I spend. I love the Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet, and their regular lines of makeup as well.It is a small brand, that is cruelty free and has a ton of vegan options. Their shadow pigments are to die for. I lovee them.

Let’s move on from my little tangent and move in to what’s in this months cabinet!

This months theme is Power of three. It is based off  the Halliwell Manor? I have no idea what this cabinet is based off of, but I plan on looking it up and getting with the program.

 nvc1The first thing is the gloss that was supposed to be sent last month, but their was an issue, so we got it this month! It is in the shade “you’ll need a mop”. I think this is so pretty! It is a blood red kind of color and feels pretty nice. Excited to actually get to wear it.


Another highlight this month! Yay! This one is the shade ” Whitelighter Witch”. It is really gray, so I am curious to see how it will work on my skin, not thinking too well. But, it is going to be a drop dead perfect shadow!


All three shadows are in varying shades of purple. I love purple, so this is great. They are all shimmer.

  • Spell Caster
  • Heat of the Family
  • The Wicca Wonder

This months cabinet was great! Excited for next month already.

I hope you enjoyed this little post! What do you think of this VC? Comment below! Also does anyone know what this VC is based on, I feel lame. Want more B&T? Here is a post from the beginning!  You can also find me on Snapchat and Instagram as manda_janette

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