My Day Time Skin Care Routine | Face + Body

My skin is dry, and gross. Quite honestly, if I slack on my skin care, I start to look like a pink lizard. Especially during the day.

*most product shots are from the bran websites, I am out of town while writing this, so taking pictures is a bit difficult.*



I start by washing my face. This product was included in my 5 Products I loved this Month! for October. It cleanses my skin of all the impurities that, believe it or not, build up while sleeping. It doesn’t strip my skin of any moisture though, which is why I love it so much. You can get it, here, for $44. Believe me it is worth EVERY penny.


This is a new product to me, but I have really been loving it! I use it after cleansing (day and night) to remove any makeup and excess gunk that was left over after cleansing. You can get it at Ulta for $12. It is natural. vegan, and cruelty free, with out costing a ton of money. *cough, cough, Osea*


I then spritz some Ever Clen facial toner on my face. I mention this stuff like every other post, so I won’t get into it. Order it here for $12.07!! Actually order like, 5.


I then use the Aloe Pure time repair serum as a moisturizer. It is fantastic and has been acting as my primer for makeup lately as well.Purchase it for $48, here.



I got this mini Juice Beauty Green Apple Body Moisturizer in my October Vegan Cuts box. I have been using it on my hands constantly. It smells great and feels really moisturizing. I am having trouble finding this product on line, but their are other versions of it on the Juice Beauty site. (And at Ulta).


I have actually been using this oil alone or mixed with another lotion, all over my legs. They smell great and actually feel moisturized. It doesn’t cause any allergic reaction on my super sensitive leg skin, and it doesn’t leave them begging for more in a short time. Browse their site, here.

That is it for my every day skin care routine, I hope you enjoyed! What is your skin care routine? What are your favorite skin care products? Comment below! Want more B&T? Here is my night time skin care routine, granted a few weeks old. You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

7 thoughts on “My Day Time Skin Care Routine | Face + Body

  1. Nice review! I also have a dry skin specially in the winter, but I discovered some home DIY oils and creams that has actually made my skin more soft and alive lol. I would also recommend jojoba oil! it honestly saved me last winter!


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