Tid Bit Post: Millie’s 1st #Kai Krates Un-boxing!


Kai Krates is a $24.99 a month subscription box for your dog! The have boxes for small medium, and large dogs. The large dog box is also supposed to be good for dogs who are destructive, which is Millie. So I have gone with the large size dog box, and any treats I will just break up for now. She is a 4 month old German Shepard/Lab mix, so she won’t be little for long!

Kai Krates also has the option for a box that is just treats and chews.They also offer a treat sampler you can buy, which is neat! The little sampler would also make a great gift for people who are obsessed with their dogs.

The box contains 4-6 items each month, and will have a retail value well over what you paid for it.

You can sign up, here!

What is inside this months box?

I want to mention that this box contains no type of description card just the product names on the back of a slip of paper, and a treat or two may not include ingredients, I do not like this and will not feed treats to my dog that I am not sure what is in them.


  • The first thing is this little treat that reminds me of a hamburger patty. It was just in a plastic baggie, so it has no info about it on the packaging. I have no idea what is in here, so I am just going to throw this away, give it to a friend who doesn’t care what are in the treats, or throw it in with some donations to my local no kill shelter. But, I doubt they would give this to the pups their either.
  • The second this is this super cute raccoon toy from Dawgee. It is made in China, so we will have to see how high quality it is. I might do a little review of the toy if any of you pet parents are interested. This retails on amazon for $12.26
  • The third thing is the Mammoth Flossy Chews Extra. Millie loves this kind of toy. This specific one is meant for strong chewers and is supposed to help with dental hygiene. Also made in China. Retails for $6.99
  • The next thing is the Chicken Dippin’ Chewy Sticks. They have chicken on the outside and brown rice on the inside. They are supposed to be low in fat. This product is made in Vietnam. I prefer to give my dog treats from the US, just because the standards are higher. The ingredients for these don’t look so hot either, so I will probably be giving these away.
  • The last item is a Smoke House Pet Product. It is a 10.5″ slice of prime select meat. I am going to let Millie try this one out and see how it goes, she really loves chews. UPDATE: Millie stole the chew herself, so I decided to just let her have it while I supervise.

Over All Impression:

I would skip Kai Krates and go with Pet Treater or Bark Box, if you look a lot at the ingredients of the treats or where your pets toys are made. I do not think I will be renewing Kai Krates for another month, sadly.


Here is a picture of sleepy Millie for siting through this review!

Have you tried Kai Krates? What did you think? What is your favorite dog sub box? Comment below! Want more B&T? Check out this other puppy post! You can also find me (and Millie) on Snapchat and Instagram as manda_janette

XoXo Manda (&Millie)

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