Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Is it worth the money?


It is the holiday season, which means wish lists are made, and products are being bought. This also means that sales are going on. If you read my Urban Decay Naked 2 | Is is worth your money? post, then you know that I am going to be analyzing popular products, that I have seen on a lot of wish lists this holiday season, to let all of you know if I think it is really worth it.

A bit about the palette:

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette retails for $49.  It contains 16 shades, they are a variety of matte, shimmer, and shades with actual glitter. It also, of course, smells like chocolate. It actual does, not a fake chocolate either! It is made with 100% natural cocoa powder. This is an ingredient that is rich in anti-oxidants, which is nice. The site also notes that it is formulated with out parabens. Please note, that it is not completely clean, but it is much better than other comparable palettes from other brands.

Here, is a link to the palette on the Too Faced website, so you can check out the full ingredient listings, if you were curious.

It is a cruelty free brand, this palette, however is NOT vegan, some of the shades do contain carmine.

The shadows:


Just like in my Naked 2 post that I linked in the beginning, I am going to do a detailed break down of the shadows and my thoughts on each one.


Before I begin the descriptions, I want to inform you that these are brush swatches.

  • Gilded Ganache: This is a dark brown shade that almost has an olive green tinge to it. It contains a ton of gold glitter. I think that the glitter is what causes the green tinge to the shade. I really enjoy using this shade to deepen up the outer corner of my eye and lining my lower lash line. Makes a great shade for a night out.
  • White Chocolate: Matte cream shade. A quintessential shade for any palette. This one works fantastic. Makes a really great blending shade for any rough edges.
  • Milk Chocolate: A more cool toned matte brown. This makes a great transition shade.
  • Black Forest Truffle: A burgundy shade with a lot of glitter (mostly gold). I hate this shadow. The texture is terrible, and when blending, the shade itself disappears, leaving behind glitter flacks.
  • Triple Fudge: A deep matte brown. Every palette needs either a deep black or brown shade. This is a fantastic shade. It is creamy, easy to blend, and incredibly saturated with pigment.
  • Salted Caramel: Warm toned light brown  shade. This is another transition shade option, I think this palette containing a warm and cool toned transition shade is a fabulous idea. It really makes this palette easier for really everyone to use.
  • Marzipan: A shimmery light gold shade. I love this shade, I use it on my lids all the time. It also works wonders in the inner corner.
  • Semi-Sweet: A mid toned brown. Adding this shade makes it easier to just forget the shimmer shades and do a complete look with this palette, using the mattes alone.
  • Strawberry Bon Bon: a light pink matte. This shade is beautiful. It is a nice alternative to White Chocolate if you want to add some color to the look, but not make it super obvious. I personally think it is beautiful on the lid.
  • Candid Violet: A violet shade with gold glitter. This is a really bad attempt at adding a purple shade to this palette. It swatches purple, but just ends up appearing gray on the eye. This is an opinion I have actually heard a lot of others in the beaut community share.
  • Amaretto: A shimmery light shade of  burgundy. This is a beautiful shade. If you want to add some sort of deeper color to the look, forget Candied Violet and go for this, gives a really pretty Garnet vibe to the whole look.
  • Hazelnut: A shimmery brown. This shade is really pretty and smooth. It is nice to deepen up the outer V with if you do not want to go too dark.
  • Creme Brulee: A pure metallic gold. This shade is so pretty, I love using it on my lid and then using the shade I will be mentioning net as an outer V.
  • Haute Chocolate: A dark metallic brown with a gold shift. Another beautiful shade! I mentioned above my favorite way to use it.
  • Cherry Cordial: A matte dark red with some glitter flakes. I like this shade, but I really really wish there was no glitter in it, gives the shade a chalky/ scratchy feel to it.
  • Champagne Truffle: A shimmery champagne shade. This shade makes a great highlight on the eyes and face. It is supposed to be the highlight that Nikkie Tutorials put in her palette collab with Too Faced, but I like this one much more.

The Look:


  • I started off, as usual, by priming my eyes. I then set the primer with the shade White Chocolate. I also used this shade to highlight my brow bone and blend out any rough edges.
  • I used the shade Milk Chocolate as my first transition shade.
  • I put Marzipan all over my lid.
  • To deepen my outer corner I used the shade Candid Violet. I wanted to give it a chance, but it sucked.
  • To actually deepen my crease I used the shade, Triple Fudge.
  • Then to really blend everything I went it to my crease with the shade Salted Caramel. I really enjoyed the warmth it gave the look.
  • To highlight my inner corner I used the shade Champagne Truffle.
  • Under my lower lash line I used the shade Triple Fudge, and the smudged it out with the shade Salted Caramel.

Over all:

This palette is amazing. I think really anyone can benefit from this palette. It has options for just matte looks, a few pops of color, some amazing shimmer shades, it is cleaner than most comparable palettes, and it smells like chocolate! Yes, there are some shades that aren’t any good, so if you want to really love every single shade in the palette, it will no happen with this one. This palette offers a variety of looks, for day and night. I believe it is 100% worth every penny of the $49 it costs.

I hope you enjoyed this review! What do you think of this palette? Which Too Faced palette is your favorite? Comment below! Want more B&T? Here’s a post to check out! You can also find me on Snapchat and Instagram as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

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