Zoe Organics Refresh Oil | An Organic Review.


*I got this product in a Vegan Cuts box a few months back, picture courtesy of Target.com*

Lately, I have been obsessed with making aspects of my life more natural. I thought the most important place to start was with the medications I put into my body. I was on a lot of different mood stabilizing medications,  which in turn as caused really bad kidney problems. So, I did something that I was advised not to do, and cut them out. Instead replacing them with natural oils, essences, and habits. And I have never been so relaxed and content in my entire life. I have decided to explore and expand these changes with all of you- starting by reviewing a product I have been using for a while now and can’t function with out.

The Zoe Organic Refresh Oil is made with 100% organic ingredients. It is meant to ease queasiness. With anxiety, for me anyway, comes with extreme queasiness. This oil contains peppermint, lime, and ginger. The peppermint and ginger especially, are very refreshing and relaxing to me.

I put this on all of my pressure points every morning, any time I travel, at work, and whenever I start to feel a little anxious- a long with another oil for anxiety. My favorite way to use it is to put it under my nose and breath deeply. If I have makeup on, I’ll put it on my wrist and smell them, deeply. I apologize for that ridicules wording, I could not for the life of me think of a substitute word!

When I get through this roller I am 100% buying another!

I also think it is very important to mention this is a pregnancy safe product! I know that queasiness is a big part of pregnancy, at least it was for me. I would have loved to go back and use this instead of taking the medications I did. I honestly believe they played a huge part in my son being born two months early.

You can get it here, for $14!

I hope you enjoyed this little review! What are your favorite oils and essences? Comment below, especially for anxiety and depression. You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

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