Studio Make-Up “Cool Down” Palette | Boxy Charm Product Review


Boxy Charm is an amazing way to try out different brands. In September we were sent the “Warm Up” palette by the Studio Make-Up brand, and now we have been sent their new palette as well!

You can read my post on the “Warm Up'” palette, here!

This palette has a retail price of $49.95. I can not seem to find it on their site yet, but I will link their site, here, so you can check out what else they have to offer.

This palette offers 9 shadows; 4 shimmers, 4 mattes, and 1 metallic. All in cool/plum tones. All of them are extremely pigmented and very buttery. The only shade I am not totally in love with is the metallic shade, and that is just because I dislike the texture. The pigmentation is still out of this world.

The Shadows:


  • Very light shimmer shade, with a very slight pink under tone. This has been my go to inner corner high light lately.
  • The essential matte cream shade. Works well, no different than any other matte cream shade.
  • Light champagne shade, shimmer. This has been my favorite lid shade lately when I am trying to just do a quick and easy look.


  • This is the metallic shade. I really don’t know how to describe this shade besides a taupe with some mauve. I do not like the texture, but it does look pretty. I just think it is a little hard to work with, it tends to clump up during application on my lids.
  • Light matte gray. I have been using this is my crease every day since I have gotten the palette. I have been throwing this in my crease then the matte cream or the shimmery champagne shade on my lid, then I am done with my shadow
  • Shimmery light purple. Beautiful shade! This is what “candied violet” should have been in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.


  • Matte plum. Another Beautiful shade. Much better than the matte plum in the Meet Matte Trimony palette from The Balm.
  • Shimmery taupe. This shadow is much more powdery than the other shimmer shadows, or any of the shadows in general, in this palette. It is beautiful and works just a nice, it just has some major fallout you have to look out for.
  • A matte deep gray. This is a nice alternative to black. It is pigmented and works amazing as a shadow to really to define your crease or lash line.

The Look:


*Picture quality is lacking, I again apologize.

  • I started off by using the light gray as a transition shade.
  • I then took the darker shimmery shade, the one that is really powdery, and put it in the inner and outer third if my lid. I then took what was left of my brush and drug it into my crease to connect the two shades.
  • My my halo effect I used the pretty champagne shade.
  • To blend out the edges and highlight my brow bone I used the matte cream shade.
  • I highlighted my inner corner with the lightest shade in the palette.
  • I took the darker matte gray to define my lower lash line.

Over All:

I love this palette! I can not stop using it. It is pretty pricey for nine shades, but they are such amazing quality that it is worth it! I really only dislike the metallic shade, the fact that it does not have a mirror, and wish that it did not contain carmine.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Have you tried this palette? What do you think? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snap chat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

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