Boxy Charm Un-Boxing | December 2016


*BoxyCharm is $21 a month, you get 4-7 full-sized products. Sign up at, *

This months theme is “Make-up on Pointe”. Pointe, like ballet! I never talk about my actual like on here, but I actually danced Pointe for a few years, 9 actually. I had to quit due to a very bad ankle injury. So, this theme is great. I always miss it the most during Christmas time, just this card made me happy.


Butte London Nail Lacquer “Ruby Murry”

This shade is a beautiful red wine shade. Butter London is an 8-free polish brand, so I am all for getting these. Retails for $15.

Beauty For Real Lip Scrub

I love love LOVE lip scrubs! I use one every day, at night and in the morning. This one contains orange, vanilla, and cinnamon bark essential oils. Smells so good. It retails for $14. Geeze!


Ofra Metallic Liquid Lipstick “Napa Valley”


SO BEAUTIFUL. If you don’t like dramatic looks, then obviously this isn’t for you. I, however, do. This is the 2nd liquid lipstick I have gotten from Ofra, and I hope I love it as much as the other. Retails for $19.90

IBY eye liner “Blue Grey”


Great color, very creamy formula. Will make use of this is my water line. I really enjoyed the trio that I got my IBY a few months ago, so I have high expectations for this liner. Especially sense it costs $14.

Pure Cosmetics “Buff Collection” palette

I have an entire post coming up about this palette. So I will not say much, just that it retails for $50. I have some pretty big thoughts on it, so stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed this Boxy Charm un-boxing. What did you get in this months Boxy Charm? What products from this box would you like to hear more about? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

2 thoughts on “Boxy Charm Un-Boxing | December 2016

  1. Ok, I’m super happy I read this! I’ve never heard of this subscription! And I belong to multiple others. $21 is a steal for full size products. I will definitely be signing up and adding this to my subscription lists!


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