Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet | December 2016


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This months theme is “A Few Rules”… GUYS IT IS GREMLINS THEMED! I love that movie. I always have. So, I was already pretty excited seeing that. Then I read the little insert, which was a really nice note, and learned we get to try something brand new!

Trouble Multiplied Body Splash:

It is in a little spray vial. The notes are mandarin spice, clementine,bergamot, and sugar. So right up my alley. My boyfriend likes the scent as well, which I guess is a plus. They are supposed to be releasing it in a full-size, I may get it.

Slumber Salve “Yum Yum”:

I have another one of their slumber salves, in “Carl Poppa”, I like it a lot, but I hate the packaging. It is in the little black think pictured above, and I have an issue with it popping open. It is a fantastic product though! It is supposed to be a combination of a bunch of candy flavors. I really enjoy the taste.

Eyeshadows “Bright Lights! Bright Lights!” and “The Creature”


I really like these shades and can see myself getting a ton of use out of both of them. I was really glad that we got a green, it makes me think of Christmas.

That is it for this months vanishing cabinet, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading! What is your favorite Notoriously Morbid product? What is your favorite thing about Christmas time? Comment below.

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XoXo Manda

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