The Up-Side Down Collection | Notoriously Morbid

Did anyone else fall in love with the show Stranger Things? Because, I did, so when I saw one of my favorite brands was coming out with a collection based on it, I had to have it. 

The collection features five shadows and one liquid lipstick. 

  • WWBD? The only matte, but is an amazing warm crease shade.
  • Friends don’t lie. A pink with a gold shift and shimmer.
  • Coffee and contemplation. A bronze with an almost burgundy shift.
  • Should I stay?  A deep purple with a navy shift.
  • Right here. A champagne shade with a lot of shimmer.

All of the shadows, besides “WWBD” is their newer semi loose formula. It just means it isn’t as powdery. I finds it works best wet. 

The Mystic Matte is in the shade EL. It is a stunning. It is a rosy nude with a lot of irredesents in it. Almost like a Changling top coat is mixes in. I can not stop wearing it!

  • I put “right here” all over my lid
  • “Wwbd” in my crease
  • And deepened everything up, including my Lower lash line, with “friends don’t lie”

“El” is on my lips.

I love this collection😍 if you can get your hands on it. Do it, do it now!

Sorry for the long break in posting, I have a busy life. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! 

Xoxo Manda

Instagram and snap : Manda_Janette


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