Glamour Doll Eyes Haul | Swatches and Look


I have had this haul sitting around for a while now, and have finally gotten around to playing with it. I also want to mention there will be a corresponding video linked at the bottom of this post!

Sample Sizes:


*left to right (lightest to darkest)*

  • Celebrity sighting: Lip safe and Vegan
  • Pollution: Not lip safe, is vegan.
  • Schizophrenic: Not lip safe, is vegan. Much more neon green than the picture lets on.
  • Dirty Mistress: Not lip safe or vegan. Much more vibrant and shimmery than picture shows.
  • Corruption: Lip safe and vegan
  • Espionage: Lip safe and vegan
  • Over dose: Lip safe and vegan

Full Size Jars:


*again, starting left to right (lightest to the darkest shade)*

  • Deadly Games: Not lip safe, is vegan.
  • Zombie heart: Nor lip safe, nor is it vegan. Looks exactly like old timey zombie skin. neat.
  • Tragic Affair: Not lip safe, nor vegan.
  • Fatal Thoughts: Lip safe, not vegan.
  • Cajun: Lip safe, but not vegan.
  • Nymphette: Not lip safe, but it is vegan.

The Look:


  • I used the NYX pencil in “milk” to give the shades a base and more vibrancy.
  • I put “Cajun” all over my lid.
  • “Fatal Thoughts” on the outer third
  • And I used “Corruption” to deepen up my crease.


I also used “Fatal Thoughts” and the “milk” pencil on my lower lash line.

I hope you enjoyed this little post thank you for reading. I will have the video linked below as soon as it is up. Once it is, please watch, like, and subscribe! What Indie brands should I check out next?


Insta and snap: manda_janette


XoXO Manda

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