Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet | January 2017

The time has come to unbox the January 2017 Vanishing Cabinet. “Come up and try my new parts” is the theme. It is based off a horror themed rock opera, that I have never heard of, but now need to see!

The first thing is what I think I am most excited for, a Changeling Top Coat in the shade “Zydrate” . I love the other Changelings that I have, so I am expecting to fall for this irridecent blue.

There are also three shadows in the “cabinet”…

  • Grave robber
  • I’ll keep those vultures guessing 
  • I look like a crime scene, dad.

I love the shade paring this month. Very excited to do a look with them!

Lastly, is a beautiful lavender highlight 

It is the shade “I thought I’d seen a ghost”. I love it! It’s stunning.

This month was for sure a hit. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! What did you think of this months cabinet?what do I need from notoriously morbid? Comment below! 

Insta and snap: manda_ janette


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