Real Her Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner Review | Boxy Charm March 2017


If you read my last Boxy Charm post, here, then you already have heard a little bit about these products. Today we are going to get a little more in depth.

Real Her is a natural and cruelty free cosmetic company, that I have recently been introduced to through past Boxy Charms.


The Liquid Lip in “I will succeed” and the line in “I am unstoppable”, are both stunning peachy nude shades. Perfect for spring. For this review we are going to start with the liquid lipstick.

From the Site:

Lightweight formula glides onto lips leaving super intense color with a bold, ultra matte finish. Long wearing and completely kiss proof. Bomb formulation helps to combat dryness and nourish your lips during wear.  “

I am sad to say, that I disagree completely with this statement. I found the formula to be patchy. It never dried down completely, and it was very tacky. Not only was it tacky, but I noticed that it would also transfer back and forth between my lips. It was unfortunately, the worst liquid lipstick I have ever used. I will be passing this on. Maybe a friend will some how enjoy it.

Lip Liner in “I am unstoppable”.

From the site:

Premium formula glides on smoothly, Long-lasting wear that does not feather or bleed, Certified Cruelty Free;  Paraben Free, Infused with Jojoba Seed Oil and Shea Butter, Works perfectly with any RealHer lipstick or liquid lipstick.”

On a lighter note. I am in love with this lipliner and will be purchasing more! It glides on so smoothly and last so long. When I layer it under other peachy nudes, I really do notice it making the lipstick last longer!


In this photo you can see the stunning shade. But, you can not see how badly it wore. I really wish you could though!

Overall, HATE the liquid lip LOVE the lip liner!

I hope you enjoyed this little review, thank you for reading! Have you tried these products? What did you think? Comment below!

XoXO Manda

3 thoughts on “Real Her Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner Review | Boxy Charm March 2017

  1. I had the exact same experience with the lip color! If I pressed my lips together the color peeled and pulled. It is one of the worst liquid lipsticks I have ever used. Lovely shade, crappy formula.


  2. I had such a different experience with mine. It did stay slightly tacky, but it didn’t transfer at all. It lasted all day, and it never looked patchy. There is definitely some inconsistency with this brand.


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