Wet N’ Wild Cat Suit Liquid Lipstick | Product Review.


Wet N’ Wild has been a trending brand in the beauty community for quite sometimes, but recently it seems like they are releasing new products left and right. One of these very popular releases are the Cat Suit liquid lipsticks. They retail for $4.99, and come in a TON of different shades.

Not only is this line inexpensive, but it is cruelty free, and is full of vegan products. Including these matte liquid lips!

I only decided to pick up two shades, because they were the only ones that really drew me in

“Pink Really Hard”


“Nudist Peach”


Both shades are stunning and I find myself continually reaching for them. At such an inexpensive price I was not expecting the worlds best liquid lip, but their quality did surprise me.

They wear fantastic and do not dry out my lips. I found that their was no strange crumbling, and that they also stay in place. So, to answer a hot question; Yes, they do dry down completely!

They do take a few layers to reach a desired opacity.  They also do not last as long as higher end liquid lips tend to, but this was to be expected.  The metallic liquid lips preformed the exact same way.


*Two coats each”

I am really enjoying this formula and the beautiful shades that I picked up!

Have you tried this line of liquid lips yet? What did you think? What shades do I HAVE to pick up? Comment below! Thank you so much for reading!

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XoXo Manda

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