Lip Sense First Impressions 

* products were sent to me for trial and review*

Finally, I have tried Lip Sense! The entire brand is cruelty free, vegan, and gluten free! So, when the lovely Jessica Prince asked if I wanted to try out Lip Sense, I could not pass it up!! 

Find her Face Book Page Kissed by a Prince, to purchase your own lipsense products, and check out more from the brand! 

I received the Lip Sense collection, which retails for $55. It contains one Lip shade, the glossy gloss, and the oops! remover.

I received the shade RoseBerry. 

Isn’t it beautiful! It is the perfect pinky red shade. 

Right after application 

The process of applying the shade is really important. Your lips have to be clean, and you have to do three coats, and each coat has to dry before you can apply the next. This is important so that the product stays on like the claims say it will.

After applying the shade and everything is dry. You apply the gloss of top. 

And yes, everything does tingle when applied. 😂

6 hours later: 

I did not reapply the color, but also did not reapply the gloss before eating like I was supposed to. Like I said this is just a first impression post 😂. Also, ignore by face, th NYX Stay Matte foundation hates me now.

Honestly, it may look patchy, but for six hours? I’m still a little impressed. The color is still on my lips. I think it would have looked so much better, if I would have applied the gloss like I was supposed. But, if the gloss doesn’t make a difference, then I will be a little let down, because the hype for this stuff is so real! 

I did want to note that I could not really get the Oops! remover to work on my lips or swatches. 

I will be updating you all (on here or YouTube or Instagram). 

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried this product or anything from the line? Comment your thoughts below! 

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7 thoughts on “Lip Sense First Impressions 

  1. I greatly appreciate your honest review! I think the color looked beautiful on you! For the Ooops remover- apply it like a gloss and allow it to soak in about 30s -then rub your lips together a few seconds. After that you should be able to successfully wipe off the color 😉 thanks again!


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