Ipsy May 2017 | Your Summer Story Starts Here

*Ipsy is a beauty sampling service that costs $10 per month. 

My Ipsy bag for May finally arrived, way late. 

Let’s just start with the bag. I am in love. It’s really cute. I am going to have to use it for my everyday makeup bag. 

Urban Decay After Glow High Lighter “Sin”

I already own this highlighter, so this one will probably be put into a future giveaway. 

Adesse Organic Infused Nail Polish “Surfer Girl”

This polish is really pretty. I have a few other polishes and top coats from this brand, and I like them a lot. 

Luxie 660 precision foundation brush

I really enjoy Luxie brushes. I will probably end up using this brush for highlighting. It is just fluffy enough. 

Star Looks Pro Luxe Pen – Artist edition

This is one of those gimmicky eye liner stamp things. One end is a star stamp, the other is a liquid liner. Both in black.

I don’t see my self ever using the stamp end. But, I really like star looks liquid liners, so I will probably use the liner end! 

Pacifica Island Fire Shadow “quint”

I love almost everything from Pacifica, but I have previously been disappointed by their eye shadows. I do not think that will be the case with this little Island Fire palette!

Look how pigmented the shadows are. And these are shades that I will definitely get use out of.

Even though my Ipsy bag was late, it was still a good bag. I won’t use the highlighter or the stamp side of the liner, but everything else, including the bag, is great! 

I hope you enjoyed this post thank you so much for stopping by! What was in your Ipsy bag this month?

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