Vegan Cuts Gift Box|Lunar Love

Y’all I have some important information for you. You can buy past Vegan Cuts Makeup and beauty boxes on their website!!!

 I had canceled for two months while I was moving and changing jobs, so I was able to purchase the boxes I missed. 

Let’s see what’s inside the box!

Terre Mere Cosmetics Loose Bronzer “Sunstone” $15 

Loose bronzer, is not my forte. Besides, the bronzer is pretty orange and extremely shimmery. Even if it was pressed I wouldn’t bronze with it.

However, it will make a pretty eyeshadow. 

Green Tidings Natural Deodorant “Lavender”  $8

Aluminum free lavender scented roll on stick.”

I love trying random natural deodorant. It’s a way to find one that really works. I love the scent of lavender, so that’s already a good mark for this product. An information card for it was included in the box, which is awesome!

Leeanni Eco 3-in-1 Evolution “Light” $3.75

 Lotion for morning and night that acts as a toner, moisturizer, and serum all in one! Great for sensitive and combination skin.”

This product sounds awesome. And time saving. Potentially extremely cost affective. I really hope it works out, because I could really get behind this product.

Goddess Garden Lip Balm $4

“Organic beeswax-free lip balm powered by SPF 30 protection.”

Who can’t use a good SPF lip balm? I know I have super dry lips. Lip balm is always welcome. The flavor is raspberry, which sounds delicious!

The Wonder Seed Facial Scrub $12.95

“Soothing facial scrub made from hemp seed oil to reduce inflammation and hydrate skin.”

I have been wanting to try this facial scrub for quite awhile now, so I’m super excited to try it out! I will be updating y’all. The box also included an information card for the facial scrub, handy. I see on it that they make a shampoo and conditioner, now I want that as well. 🙄

Moon Souls Lunar Soak $11.95

“ Hand crafted bath soak made with Dead Sea salt, fresh rose buds and more.”

I, unfortunately, no longer have a bath tub. So, I will be putting this beautiful soak in a muslin sack and hanging it in my shower for an aromatic steam. I really love the aesthetic of this soak with the rose buds.

Great showing once again VC! $55.65 worth of products for only $25! 

What did you think of this box? Comment below! Thank you so much for reading!

SC and IG @manda_janette 

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