Some Recent Looks!

Hello everyone!

Sadly, my pre-planned posts for this week will not go up as scheduled. 

I tried to walk in heels and ended up breaking my ankle. It’s safe to say I am not full of grace. 😂

I decided to post a few of my recent selfies, just so you all who don’t follow my snapchat can see what I have been up to. Unfortunately, I will not be including product information, as I am not home yet to get to my Makeup. Which is driving me crazy!

This was all from a night out! I do have a post coming up involving the hair, so be on the look out. 

I can tell you for this look I used the Kathleen Lights and Morphe palette on my eyes and Too Faced Melted Fig on my lips!

All I remember about this look is that a Notoriously Morbid Highlight is on my inner corner. I was feeling fall vibes!

One of my closest friends came to visit! What is on my face? No idea, but I am going to try to recreate the look. I really like it.

One of our friends turned 23 a few days ago! This is also the night I broke my ankle😂. But here’s a look at one of my best friends. I had a full face of Too Faced on, besides the blush. I used the Satin Touch blush I got in my Ipsy bag.

Here is the last one from the same night! Here’s the “new” man thing. So far, two months so good!  He has had to help me do basic things the past few days. Eddie really is a trooper. 

Sorry for the disappointing post, I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging! Thanks for stopping by 💜.

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