Fortune Cookie Soap Winter 2017 Box | One Ring to Rule Them All.

What it is: A seasonal box containing soap, skincare, and occasionally home fragrance. All made by FCS. Usually limited edition and sneak peaks.

Cost: $19 annually 

I love FCS they make great cruelty free products and have some many exciting products and launches. Their quarterly Box is something I look forward to. I have toyed with the idea of getting their monthly box. 

This seasons theme is “One Ring to Rule Them All.” Lord of the Rings themed!!! 

“My Precious” FC Soap

This soap is scented with spiced cranberry, mandarin, patchouli, linen, bergamot, tea leaves, and honey. It smells delicious! The fortune cookie soaps are so cute, I always feel guilty using them.

Evenstar OCD Hand Sanitizer

Scented with light cedar wood, jasmine, and whatever creamy muguet it. I really enjoy these hand sanitizers, they have replaced the bath and body works ones for me. Once rubbed in this product smells fantastic! 

Middle Earth Bath Bomb

Scented with warm longbottom leaf, birch, juniper, and citrus. 

This product sounds lovely. Sadly, I no longer have a bath tub. Just a standing shower, so I will be passing this on to a friend to enjoy.

You Shall Not Pass Tea Light Candle

Scented with cashmere musk, French pear, tarragon, and caramel.

This scent is alright. I am not this biggest fan of caramel, but I may still burn this little guy to see how well it pays off.

Mellon Shampoo Bar

Scented with Mirkwood, myrrh, neroli, Moria, elderberry, herbal tea, ginger, and fresh morning dew.

I absolutely love the Lush Shampoo bars, so I am hoping I enjoy the FCS one just as much. I think it smells like a certain gummy fruit snack, but I can’t place which one! Needless to say, it smells nice.

Kingsfoil Cuticle Butter 

Scented with lemon zest, iced raspberry blossoms, Wild numenor mint, Moss, and watered grass.

It smells nice and works well, but I never much understood Cuticle products, when lotions can do the same thing they do. 

I  am no man perfume oil

Scented with lilies, sandalwood, amber, and strawberries.

I have another one of their Cuticle oils that works great. Good smell and long lasting. This one has a nice familiar scent, that I Again, cannot place. But, I do know I will be using the heck out of it!

Second Breakfast Whipped Cream

Scented with maple butter, tonka bean, spiced eggnog, French toast, and berries and cream.

I love their whipped cream Formula! It is so moisturizing and creamy. I am not quite sure if I like this scent though, the fact that it smells like I am slathering my body in syrup is a bit off putting.

That’s the Winter 2017 FCS Box! Thank you for reading 💋.

Do you get their monthly subscription? What is your favorite product by FCS? Comment below!

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