Just Swatches | Single/Duo Shadows

Alright guys, I’m kind of really enjoying doing this series. It’s a way for me to see what I have, and helps me to de clutter as well. Now, I don’t have many Single Shadows. I prefer palettes, but I still thought this post would be fun!

The Balm Hot Mama!

Technically, this is a blush. But, the package says blush/shadow. It’s such a little pan, it came in Ipsy, so I just use it as a shadow.

Yves Rocher- Kaki (Duo)

I have had this little Duo for a long time. My mom got it for me though so I can’t bring myself to get rid of it, even if I never use it.

Manakadar highlight/bronzer (Duo)

Obviously, these weren’t meant as Shadows. But the pans made it hard to use for their intended purpose. Also, the bronzer shade is was to shimmery for me. However, I love both shades as Shadows.

Lauren Brooke- Sweet Pea

Sadly, I received this shadow broken. I tried repressing it, but I think I ruined the pigmentation. I’m just going to toss it if a friends doesn’t want to try it out.

Peek- 250KB

I got this little shadow in Ipsy and really enjoy it! Super pretty.

Studio 78- We Breath

I swear this one performs better than it Swatches. I have actually used it in a look in a post way back when. Works well as a liner, crease shade, outer corner, and it was from Petit Vour- so you know it’s vegan and clean!

NARS Daphane

Fun fact, I used to love purple eyeshadow. This was one of the first highend products I ever bought. It looks like it was barely used- but it was used a ton. It also works better than it Swatches. But, then again it’s at least 6 years old.😂

NARS Himalia

This was in a Sephora’s Favorites set last year. I still love it. I love those sets. I don’t plan on getting any this year though.

City Color Shimmer Cheers to Life

I am in love with this shadow and it’s Formula. I think I am going to buy all the Shadows from this line and a magnetic palette to depot them in. They are crazy inexpensive. And I’m pretty sure Tarte has a cute $10 magnetic palette, but I’m not sure how big it is. Where do you get inexpensive magnetic palettes??

Wet N Wild Nutty

I want to mention I also have Brûlée, but it is literally completely pan, so I didn’t bother taking a picture. Nutty is a shade everyone needs.

Han Romance

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to play much with this shade. But it is really pretty!

Han Sunset

I haven’t gotten to play much with this shade either. I need to though, it’s stunning.

That’s my tiny single shadow collection! What are your favorite single Shadows in your collection?

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “Just Swatches | Single/Duo Shadows

  1. I’ve either depotted or destashed almost all of my singles – I think I only have two! For magnetic makeup palettes, I’ve only ever bought Z-Palettes, but I’ve made my own before. You just need magnetic sheets (they’re like stickers) and what you want to use as a case!


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