Declutter with me | Blush Edition.

Y’all, I am going to be 100% real with you. For some reason I have a weird issue with Blush. I hate buying it. But any Blush I am sent or gifted or happen to purchase I can not get rid of! What if I need peach, or neutral, or pink, or mauve!

Anyway, here I am. Trying to narrow down my collection. Soon I start Beauty school (YAY!!!!!) but for now, a normal human being does not need this much Blush.

Fun fact, like all my Blush is drugstore, I find it is just as good as high-end. So, sit tight and see who survives the Blush apocalypse.


I want to mention that the larger ELF palettes and the bronzers on the right side will not be included in this post, they have post of their own.

AND any product you want a review on, let me know! I would love to focus more on Blush. It can really make a huge difference to any look.


I have a love hate relationship with Cream blushes. They are versatile, but I hate to remember to not put them over powders, and that throws off my application flow.

  • Pur Cosmetics KEEP
  • Bodisafe lip and cheek. I am addicted to this stuff. KEEP
  • Seraphine Botanicals Guava Butter. The shade is pretty. But, I haven’t even taken it out of the box….Bye Girl.
  • Thrive Causemetics KEEP. I love this brand and this product.
  • Elate “Love”. I did a review of this ages ago, and I still love it. The brand is great and the product is one of my favorite things.for warmer days. Lips and cheeks with this baby, then some mascara and my brows filled in. DONE full makeup look.


  • Terry Mere Mineral Blush.

I have only one loose Blush now. I used to have some from indie brands, but I never use them. The only reason I am keeping this one is because it makes a great shadow. It also isn’t overly pigmented, so it is quite easy to use as a Blush. It has a bit of shimmer as well so it helps to knock out the high lighter step.

Pressed Powders

  • MAC- Crisp Whites
  • MAC- Rosy Outlook
  • MAC- Harmony

I hate lying, so I refuse to. I LOVE all three of these blushes. But, MAC tests on animals where required by law, so my precious babies have to go. I have someone special to give these to. I am really going to miss having them in my collection. PULL OUT OF CHINA MAC FOR THE LOVE OF MY MAKEUP ADDICTION PLEASE!!!

This is obviously my Ofra Pro palette. I depotted a ton of Benefit products into it. But, this was my first try and I majorly messed up. The pans are glued to my palette. Because of this I am going to use them up. I do not want to give away the magnetic palette:/.

The circular pan is an Ofra shade that I got in an Ipsy bag. For some reason I didn’t write it down, but I love it.

Anyway, the Benefit pans were from a set, so there is not that much product in each. I actually hit pan on the Hula bronzer the day after I took this picture. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  • Essence Satin Touch- Satin Coral. Thank you Ipsy, I am IN LOVE with this blush. It is perfect for my skin tone.
  • Makeup Geek -XoXo. is my only makeup geek Blush….I have to keep her.
  • Ulta Beauty Nude pink and Fresh Glow. This was a Duo I got for free, but I really love it. The blush is fantastic as is the high light.
  • Jordana- Blushing Rose. I love Jordana and this shade is pretty, but it is pretty dark and I never use it…passing her along.
  • City color Be Matte- Papya. I legit have no clue how I got this blush. But, I love it.
  • Soap and Glory- Apricot Jam. This can be a Blush, a highlight, or a shadow. It’s so pretty and pigmented…I need more shades of this product.

The swatches are in order as they are listed above!! Look at the soap and glory one😍

Milani… I know everyone has heard the praises sung about their blushes, and I have to say… I agree.

  • Luminoso
  • Berry amore
  • Rose D’oro
  • Tea Rose

I am keeping all of them. I frequently use all of them. In fact, I need more of their blushes.

Tarte Amazonian clay blushes are great, we all know this.

  • Paaarty was the Sephora birthday gift for 2017
  • Feisty I just got in an Ipsy bag, and I am really enjoying it!

Wet N’ Wild Color Icon blushes. In my opinion the BEST drug store cruelty free blushes you can get! So in expensive and so fantastic!

  • Rose Champagne
  • Apri-cot in the middle
  • Heather Silk – The first blush I ever used! I have gone through like 4 of these!
  • Berry Shimmer
  • Mellow Wine
  • Princess Daquiries
  • Mai Tai Buy You a Drink

I love every single one of these babies. They are like $3!!!!

ELF contouring blush and bronzers. These hold a special place in my heart. EmilyNoel83 recommended these AGES ago, so I got the one in St.Lucia. Besides Heather Silk it was the only blush I used for years, and the bronzer was my favorite for so long!

  • Turks and Caicos
  • Fiji
  • St. Lucia

I actually use all of these. T&C I use as shadows though.

I didn’t do too well…I only decluttered 5 blushes. 5 was hard enough though! At least I made some progress. Right?

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the beginning of my Declutter seriesπŸ’œ What is your MUST HAVE Blush?Find me on IG and Snap @manda_janette

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