I Went a Little Crazy |A Beauty Haul

Lately, I have gone a little crazy. I even have a Sephora order that won’t be included in this post. Because I made it ten minutes ago. I was only $40 away from VIB again…

ANYWAY, this is an accumulation of a few different trips to a few different places. Let’s dig in so I can get to playing with all my new goodies!


I really love the Ulta setting spray, so I got two of the dewy and one illuminating. The Ulta house brand is CF and always has deals going on! I also picked up a sponge set, the HD Soft Focus Foundation, and Demi Matte Foundation, to try out! I am having trouble finding a foundation I can’t live with out.

Only buying two Morphe palettes at Ulta was hard…I will probably go back for the other three I wanted…

I picked up the 35O and 35F palettes. I have heard great things about these palettes, so I decided to go with them. And a girl told me my makeup was pretty, then said the 35O palette was, “literally bae”. So, it went home with me.


The VIB sale was so good to me. 💜 There are a few things I didn’t get, but they are going on my Wishlist, which I may post soon!

I was originally only going to get one ABH palette, but I couldn’t decide. So I got Prism and Subculture. I had also gotten some really good news, technically regarding makeup, that day; so I was just getting whatever struck my fancy!

The Huda Beauty Warm and Mauve Obsession palettes. I thought these cute little palettes swatched better than the big ones. And the lady who was helping me, I was still on crutches with my air cast, was wearing one of them. I went with the two I knew I would use a ton, and I am adding the electric and smoky ones to my wishlist. These cuties are $27 and really good quality. I can’t wait to do some post with them. By the way, the pan size isn’t bad, the palette is just compact!

The Too Faced Melted Latex are on sale for $10. STILL!!!! I picked up three; Hopeless Romantic, I’m Bossy, and Bite Me. I also ordered “Peek a Boo”, it was sold out in store. I’m Bossy is literally the perfect red. This will be my Christmas Lip!

TJ Maxx

Guys, TJ Maxx is killing it lately. I got the KVD shade and light quads in Rust and Smoke. Now I have all four originals! Don’t y’all worry, the Fawn set is on my wish list.

Anyway, I got these for $9.99 each!!!! I also picked up a few Cargo Palettes for $9.99, but those are Christmas gifts for other people. (My moms. They are for my moms. So if either of you are reading this- Don’t snoop!!!)

I also got the Shade and Light contour face brush for $16.99. It is fantastic quality and now I need the eye brush.

Not pictured: A giant bottle of makeup brush cleaner…for $4.99!!

That is it for my new babies!!! What do you want to see looks with?

Thank you for reading💕💕

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