Winky Lux Kitten Palette | Plum Look and Review

I am sure by now that y’all have seen the Winky Lux Kitten Palette. It was included in the November BoxyCharm and is now for sale on the Ulta website!

This adorable Palette retails for $25 and includes 9 shades in 4 finishes: holographic, Matte, Satin, and glitter.

The packaging says that the feel of the shadows are inspired by our feline friends.

Here’s my feline baby, Carl.

They are meant to be ultra soft and glide on like a dream.

This Palette is Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, and Paraben Free.

Before I get in to the rest of the review, I want to mention that the packaging is so F-ing cute. BUT, there is no mirror. Why!? A mirror in this Palette would have been the perfect size.

Here’s the inside. Mirrorless. But, still a pretty light pink. I’m not a big fan of pink, but I can’t get over how cute this Palette is. 😻

BTW, the shades are all labeled on the back of the Palette! I hate when shades aren’t named or numbered, it makes my life difficult.

  • Purr a “satin” light pink
  • Duchess a Matte Cream
  • Strut a warm toned, Matte light brown (perfect transition for this Palette)

  • Holographic a blue/brown DUOCHROME

a little pink is in it also.

  • 9 lives a glittery dark gray. This is the only shade I don’t really like, it just isn’t as creamy as the others.
  • Cateye a very pigmented, I suppose they consider this Satin, gold. (This will be featured in my next look using this palette.)

  • Romeo a glittery burgundy
  • Cheshire a Matte Plum or Maroon. I can’t decide which fits as a description better.
  • Boots a dark matte brown.

All of the shades are extremely pigmented. The texture is also fantastic, besides 9 Lives, in my opinion.

The look

  • I started off by priming my eyes with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Then I set it with Duchess. I also used this shade to blend harsh edges.
  • I then went in to my crease with Strut to act as my transition.
  • Then I started in my outer lid. I patted on the shade Romeo.
  • Then I went on to the rest of my lid using Holographic.
  • I know I don’t say it but always remember to blend!!!
  • Then to deepen my outer corner and crease I used the shade Cheshire.
  • On my lower lash line I used Cheshire, then blended that out with Strut, then got rid of the harsh with the shade Duchess.

Overall Thoughts

This Palette is extremely easy to use. It’s pigmented and very blendable. There is a wide variety of looks you can do using this Palette, and it definitely plays into current trends.

The only downside to me is the lack of a mirror and the shade 9 Lives.

😻😻😻😻 out of five lovey cats. I had to take away one point because of the two downsides.

I don’t think this is a Palette you NEED to pick up right this second, but it is nice and the packaging is definitely unique. It is just really similar to a lot of other palettes. I mean you only get 9 shades and I think omg of them is a dud. And there is no mirror, so that really does sway my opinion.

If you want to try the Kitten Palette yourself get it, HERE!

I hope you found this post useful! Have you tried the Kitten Palette? What looks have you done? Comment below!

Thank you so much for reading!😻

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