ColourPop Yes Please Palette | Look and Review

After Christmas ColourPop had a pretty big sale. Of course I had to pick up somethings I have had my eye on. I picked up a few palettes and a few single shadows. No lip colors or face powders, the ones I wanted we all sold out. πŸ™„

Tonight, we are going to be focusing on the “Yes Please” Palette.

This Palette retails for $16 and was included on Nylon’s Hit List!


The packaging is made of a sturdy cardboard. I am not sure why the front says “Cute AF”, and the palette name is smaller and on the back. The shade names are also on the back, I would prefer them in the palette, but at least they are there. There is no mirror.

The palette is very sunset-esque. I have heard that it is a dupe for the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, I wouldn’t know I have never even swatched it.

Row one

  • Bling shimmery almost metallic copper
  • Champs Matte Light Peach
  • Big Cocktails matte orange
  • Full Zip Matte Cream

Row Two

  • GNO Matte copper
  • Spoiled Matte red
  • Butter Cake metallic yellow-y gold
  • Louie metallic orange

Row Three

  • French Kiss deep warm brown
  • Chauffeur metallic peach
  • Note to Self warm light brown
  • Mischief matte yellow

The Look

  • I primed my eyes with the NYX Pigment Primer and set it with “Full Zip”. I also used this shade to blend out any harsh lines.
  • I took the shade “Champs” on a fluffy brush and used it as a Transition
  • I took a smaller fluffy brush and placed the shade “Note to self “in my crease and just a bit on the lid.
  • Taking a more dense crease brush I placed “GNO” just in the crease
  • With a fluffy shader brush I put “Louie” on my outer corner
  • With a flat shader brush I put ” Chauffeur” all over the lid
  • Using the same brush I placed “Butter cake” in the center of my lid.

  • I placed “mischief” in my inner corner.
  • I used a pencil brush to put “GNO” as close as I could to my water line.
  • I blended that out with “Champs”

I lined my eyes and applied some mascara. Bam eye look done!

Over all

I am actually very happy with this Palette. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I do. More than worth the $16!

🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎 out of five lizards!

Have you tried the Yes Please palette yet?

Thank you so much for reading πŸ’œ

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