Ipsy February ‘18 | Unzipped

What is it? A monthly beauty bag that contains 4-5 deluxe sample to full size beauty products.

How much does it cost? $10 per month!

The Ipsy February 2018 bag is something I have really been looking forward to. Not just because the products, but because of the messages. The theme of the month is “unzipped ” and is all about body positivity and re-defining the term “sexy”.

I inserted a picture of the card for you to read for your self. It may not come with useful product info, but I really love the positive message.

The bag itself is pretty cute. It’s a dusty pink canvas with black lace. I am going to use this to store things in my purse.

Now, for the bags contents

Eva Nyc Freshen Up Dry Shampoo $5.99 (full size)

I love these little dry shampoos. Perfect for travel. Eva NYC is a Cruelty Free brand, so I can actually use this. I hope I like it, the full size is inexpensive.

Bubble T Macaroon LipBalm $3.66

Where I live the weather is pretty crazy. One day it’s 50 the next it is 17. It’s pretty much hell for lips. This lip balm is made of essential oils, is Cruelty Free, and taste like fruit loops! I have tried it a bit and it makes my lips feel great. The packaging is pretty cute too.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick “Ipsy Unzipped” $19

I really enjoy the formula of Ofra’s liquid lipsticks. I am always happy to add a new one to my collection.

The matte berry shade is stunning and made just for Ipsy.

Estate Dew Me Baked Highlight “After Hours” $10

I reviewed the Estate liquid lip in “shade” a while back. I loved it and I am very glad to see more for the brand- and too see more on the site! I am making an order for their other liquid lip shade and the two other baked highlights.

I think the shade is really pretty. I will definitely be including this gem in some looks. I love finding inexpensive Cruelty Free with quality products.

Bang Beauty Blush “Cheeky” $20

I have a ton of blush, but I keep using the same three. I am going to throw this one in the mix to try and kick that habit.

I don’t own one quite this dark, so I hope it looks good on my fair skin. If not I think it would look nice on my mom. Bang Beauty is Cruelty Free!

That is it for my bag this month. I am very happy. I will and can use everything. Another month with a fully Cruelty Free bag and with almost all full-size items!

💜💜💜💜💜 five hearts Ipsy!

What was in your Ipsy bag?

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Thank you for reading 🖤

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