BoxyCharm x Pür Palette | Is it worth $36?

Long time no review and look!

I am going to be honest. I have felt no motivation to play with make up. Full disclosure; sometimes mental illness makes doing the things you love hard, I have thought about making a serious that talks about my path and struggle. It would also be an informative series about dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder as a women in my early 20’s. But, that is just an idea.

For now, back to the post at hand! I am sure by now you have all seen last months BC. And the new palette that came in it. When mine arrived I was so excited. The shades looked stunning, and the layout really does inspire some more creative eye looks.

The mirror is bomb by the way.

You have peaches, and cranberries, and blue, and an ALMOST gunmetal shade. It is a pretty unique pallet, at least to what I have in my collection.

  • Pürfect: a Matte Cream
  • Nakey: a Matte Peach
  • Belle: a darker matte peach, a bit more pink
  • Squad: a Shimmer Peach

  • Charmer: a metallic bronze
  • Alliance: a metallic gold, to me it almost looks like a gunmetal type shade.
  • Bae: a shimmer lighter cranberry
  • ATL: a metallic cranberry

  • Duet: a dark matte brown
  • MIA: a very shimmery blue
  • BFF: a matte magenta
  • Body Black: a matte black with some sparkle

The Look

  • After priming my lid I set it with the shade “pürfect”. I also used this shade to blend out harsh edges and highlight my brow bone.
  • I used a large crease brush and buffed”Nakey” into the crease and over my lid.
  • Using a smaller crease brush I buffed in “belle” but kept it more targeted to the crease.
  • I decided to do a halo eye. So on the inner and outer thirds of my eyes I applied “BFF”. I had to pack this one on. Over and over and over. I then took a pencil brush and connected the two thirds.
  • I popped “charmer” in the middle. Which was hard to do. It wouldn’t stick, and I tried a million different ways! It only looks nice in the picture because it caught the light.

On my lower lash line I mirrored my lid and I popped a random highlighter in my inner corner.

My Thoughts

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I am not a fan. All three dark mattes are very disappointing. The pigmentation just isn’t there. “Charmer” doesn’t work. I am not sure if if just me, I mean I am no pro.

I do love the entire first row, but I have those shades a dozen times over.

The palette retails for $36 on, but I would pass this one up. Now, try it for your self- you may love it! But if we generally agree, I would let this Palette slide pass you.

🌳🌳 out of five trees. The mirror is amazing, and some of the shades work, but those shades aren’t rare. I will be passing this along to a friend to try. I do want to give it props though for being vegan AND cruelty free!!! I wish I would have loved it.

Alright guys. I need ideas. What content would you like to see!?

Thank you for reading💜

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