BoxyCharm April 2018 | Eye Candy

My Boxy Charm has arrived! I have to admit, it sat on my vanity for like a week unopened. I really need to get it together and find motivation again.

As you can tell, this months theme is “Eye Candy”. Apparently each item is a favorite of 5 different women. I’m not sure who any of them are, but they are all very pretty (there is a picture of them on the card.)!

Let’s dig into the box and see what products these ladies recommend.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter “Sparkler” $29

I keep getting Liquid highlights in these boxes…but I never use any of them. I have a hard time working with Cream products, I really need to learn how!

This shade is too dark for my skin tone and has a bit too much glitter for me. I am going to pass this product along to a friend who will get some use out of it.

ColourPop “You had me at hello” palette. $18

Yay, I love ColourPop!! I was so excited when I learned that a ColourPop palette was going to be in this months Box, when I saw I got one I was going to try and purchase any way I was even more excited.

The shades are really pretty and the palette has a really nice mirror. I did notice that the shades are pressed kind of strange, but that hasn’t been an issue yet.

Here are a few of the shades swatched. All great quality.

Dr.Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner $47

I have the worlds worst pores. Especially now my nose. So I wouldn’t mind all the gunk being sucked out of them.

I wanted to make sure to mention that I smelled this mask when I opened it and thought it had a sulfur like smell. We will have to see how that goes.

The Brow Gal Instatint Brow Gel “Brown” $22

I have used this brow gel a few times now and I love it. The color is a decent match. It makes my brows look more defined and the spooly is the perfect size.

Adesse Liquid Lipstick (I can’t find the shade anywhere!!) $24

I knew Adesse made nail stuff, but I had no idea they made makeup. This shade, who’s name I can’t find, is perfect.

This liquid lip dose not dry matte, but lasts a long time. It lasted through eating. I was highly impressed.

That is it for my box this month. I am happy with 4 of the 5 products, so I am happy with the value!

Help me y’all! What kind of posts do you want to see???

Thank you for reading💜

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