Goddess Provision June ‘18| Sacred Womb Wisdom

Today, has been a day. Work, then the doctor, then grocery shopping. Finally time to relax and look in my Goddess Provisions Box!

But first, a question. Let me know if any of you would be interested in seeing vegan grocery and lifestyle hauls. I never talk about it, but that could be helpful. Even just on instagram!

Goddess Provisions is *I believe* around $30 a month. It is full of crystals and natural and vegan products to support you on your mental, spiritual and physical journey.

This months motto. “I’m connected to my womb space. I embody the divine feminine power of creation.”

This months Box is all about nurturing the mighty power that is in your womb. I know I never think about how truly powerful the womb is, so this months Box was pretty eye opening.

Yoni Crystals Vesica Pisces Bracelet $22 Value

Wear this sacred symbol on your wrist as a reminder of the divine creative essence that resides in your womb.”

This bracelet is beautiful and delicate. It is bad made in Bali. I am definitely going to make a habit of wearing it. I think it will be a great self love tool, looking at my wrist and being reminded how much creativity and power is held in my body.

Calm-A-Mana Balance Drops $17

This hormone balancing flower essence combines clay sage, rose, yarrow, and lavender to increase feelings of comfort, stability and resilience.”

I am a firm believer that these sort of drops work. I would not replace my medicine with them, but I do think they help.

You can definitely taste the sage in these, but they don’t taste bad at all!

Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam $7

“Cleansing herbal yoni steam to support a healthy menstrual cycle, reduce stress and connect to your feminine essence.”

So, you mix some of the bend with steaming water and place it under you and use a blanket to trap the steam, then relax in bed for an hour.

This sounds great to use on a relaxing Sunday at home.

Cosmic Collage medicine Bag $25

Isn’t this bag beautiful? It is made by an artist @cosmiccollage on instagram. I am going to use this to hold some tampons and panty liners in my purse.

(If you are interested in a post about more natural feminine care let me know!!)

Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs $1.50

These vegan and grain free puffs are made with nutrient dense ingredients including cassava and sweet potato, so you can feel good snacking on them when you’ve got a savory craving.”

SO GOOD!! They taste like salt and vinegar chips. I am going to have to pick up some and other flavors.

Code Goddessle saves 15% on lesser evil.com

The texture is nice, and the flavor is one I love.

Little Moon Essentials Cramp Belly Rub $13.50

“Massage this oil featuring camphor, arnica, clary-sage, and wintergreen over your womb space to help reduce menstrual cramps.”

I have never tried a product like this before, but I really hope it works. Who doesn’t want relief from menstrual cramps? Those things suck!

Amethyst Cluster

“Amethyst is known to help bring balance, soothe the mind and calm emotions. Keep this crystal near when doing womb healing.”

Amethyst is my favorite crystal. As someone with BPD anything calming and mind soothing is what I want to have around me. It is also my spawns birthstone.

This months Box was a 10 outta 10 for me. I love it’s message and everything in it.

What subscription box do you want me to review?

Thank you for reading 🌸

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