FCS July 2018 |The Park Is Open

I LOVE Jurassic Park. I even have Velociraptor foot prints tattooed on my left foot.

As much as I dig Chris Pratt, I prefer the originals. And good old Jeff.

*The FCS OTM club is I believe $28 plus shipping. It contains limited editing products and first looks at their new releases.

Clever Girl Perfume Oil $12.99

Strawberry jam, apple, rose petals, vanilla.

The FCS Perfume oils are fantastic. Lately they have been all I wear as far as fragrance goes. The smell great and a little goes a long way for a long time.

This one has a heavy rose scent- which I enjoy.

Spare No Expense Body Milk $13.99

Lemon, bergamot, orange blossom, sea mist

I have never tried one of their body milks, or any body milk for that matter.

The scent reminds me of breakfast. I do like how light the product is, perfect for this stupid hot and sticky weather.

Preserved in Amber Exfoliating Body Wash $7.99

Amber, Pink Jasmine, mandarin, cassis berries

The FCS Exfoliating soaps are really nice. It isn’t to harsh, but it’s harsh enough to make a difference.

This scent though…not my jam. I think I will just pass it along to a friend who enjoys the movies as well.

Water Ripples Toilet Bombs $8.49

Sea minerals and dark cedar wood

I tried the toilet bombs in the past, and they actually work great! We live in the woods, so we have well water. I let these sit over night then scrub the next day. They do an awesome job of getting hard water rings off.

Cryo Can Shaving Cream $12.99

Summer squash, garden earth, dewy leaves

I usually just use lotion to shave, so it will be nice to use an actual shaving cream for a change!

I think the shaving cream smells really sweet, not at all what I was expecting.

Must Go Faster Car Freshner $7.99

Orange, thyme, lemongrass, and avocado

Right now I am using the Star Wars fabric spray from FCS and I love it, I think it’s called hidden rebel base?

But, that one is running low so this came at the perfect time.

The lemongrass scent is really strong, which is fine by me, I love lemongrass.

Life Finds Away Hair Detangler $10.99

Apricot, nectarine, white oak, sandalwood

My hair knots so easily and is very frizzy and dry. I have natural waves/ curls in my hair, so it’s kind of hard to deal with.

This detangler smells freaking amazing, I am really looking forward to using it.

100% love this box. I am so excited about it and excited to try everything, but the Exfoliating soap.

Would you like to see any of these products reviewed?

Thank you for reading 🦖

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