Ipsy August 2018 | Selfie with no filter

Today was definitely a Monday. Nothing at work would work. I feel like I wasted 8 hours of my day because nothing got done. But, I did come home to an Ulta package which was nice!

This post however, is about my August Ipsy bag.

The bag itself is a canvas material. It’s orange and yellow, seems nicely made. I might actually get some use out of this one, it seems like it would hold a lot of products.

Pixi Beauty Blush Duo “Peach Honey”

Pixi is a great brand and I have heard some good things about their beauty Blush duos.

I think these look more like highlights, but I will definitely get some use out of them.

Juice Up Sheet Masks in BlackBerry and Kale

These masks are supposed to provide the same benefits to your skin that drinking the particular juice type would.

I have never heard of the brand Lab for You, so I am not sure on their cruelty free stance.

Quai Volume Spray

I have never used a volume spray before. I guess you spray it all over your hair before blow drying. I will have to try it on my next night out and see how it goes.

Huda Beauty Liquid Lip “Bombshell”

I have never tried a Huda lip product and I am so excited! These are like $20 so I was shocked to see a full sized one in my Ipsy!

The shade is definitely up my alley!

The Balm Foiled Again eyeshadow “Locked Up”

I would usually depot the shadows I get in Ipsy, but this packaging is just too cute. The Balm always has super cute packaging.

I think this looks like a full sized shadow pan! The shade is a really pretty metallic silver, I can’t wait to use it in a look. Maybe a dark halo eye?

That is it for my Ipsy bag this month. I am really pleased with my bag! Geeze, just the Huda Liquid Lip makes it worth it alone. It’s like I got it half off and some bonus products!

What was in your Ipsy bag? Comment below!

Thank you for reading💜

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