Laura Lee Los Angles Boss Babe | Look and Review

I wish there was a job where you never had to deal with angry people. I get so anxious over it. I am the lead supervisor over the company I work for and sometimes I just think it’s too much.

But I know being only 22 this is a accomplishment I should be very proud of. So, every now and then I treat my self for my hard work! Coty treats me too, but it’s usually with food and stuffed animals.😂

Anyway, when I swatched the Party Animal Palette I knew I needed the rest from the Laura Lee brand. So I bought them, besides Nudie Pootie, it was sold out.

Today we are focusing on the very fitting “Boss Babe” palette.

It is a small 6 pan palette. Three matte shades and three more metallic. It also has a very nice mirror. I love how sleek the packaging looks.

The palette retails for $19 HERE, but also comes in a bundle with Party Animal for $30 on the same site.


Starting from wrist back

On the Grind: a metallic bronze/Peach the shade looks basic, but it is pretty unique.

DeadLine: a matte warm light brown

CEO: a metallic rose gold. So pretty.

Nine to Five: a matte rusty red. I LOVE this shade. And the name makes me think of the Dolly Parton song.

Hustle: a metallic gold, I don’t think I have another shade quite like it.

Clocked out: a matte dark brown.

All of the shades have awesome pigmentation! And yes, the brand is cruelty free. ☺️☺️

The Look

  • – To start I primed by eyes with the NYX Glitter Primer as usual, and set it with a random matte skin toned shade.
  • – Then I took a really fluffy crease brush and buffed DeadLine in my crease, on some of my lid, up above my crease and blended it out.
  • – I then went in with a smaller brush and did the same with 9 to 5, I just didn’t go as far out with it.
  • -With a pointed crease brush I placed Clocked Out on my outer crease and blended it into my outer crease.
  • – I placed CEO all over my lid.
  • -I decided I wanted more color, so I popped Hustler on top of that.
  • -Then I popped On the Grind into my inner corner.
  • -I repeated essentially the same steps as I did on my lid on my lower lash line, just omitting the metallic shades.
  • -Popped on some mascara, done!
  • Over All thoughts
  • I love this little palette. You can go a few different ways with it, and it is so easy to work with. The shadows blend amazingly! I am sure you could achieve the same out come with less expensive shadows, like from ColourPop.
  • I am very glad that I have gotten my hands on the Boss Babe palette, and I do recommend it!
  • Thank you so much for reading!
  • What is your favorite warm shadow palette?
  • Find me on IG and SC @Manda_janette
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