B.H. Cosmetics Desert Oasis Palette | 2 Looks and a Review!

Today…has been a day. But, I have found a new to me YouTuber that is awesome! Her name is Lacie and her Channel is Spooky Lips and Fat Hips. You need to check her out!

Now to the point. The Desert Oasis palette from B.H. Cosmetics.

This palette retails for $22 at Ulta, but is currently 25% off on the BH Cosmetics site for only $16.50.

Here for 25% off!

This palette has 15 shadows and 4 highlights. It is cruelty free, and lets get to the reason I actually picked it up- Tati was raving about it on her YouTube channel.

The palette itself is beautiful. There are 5 matte shades, which are really the only matte shades you need, as well a some beautiful shimmers and lovely pops of color. The highlights vary from light to darker, which is nice as well.

The Shadows

  • Moonscape- a shimmery champagne
  • Quartz- a light shimmery rose
  • Canyon- a matte warm brown
  • Sand- a matte bone shade
  • Terrain- a shimmery gold
  • Prickly Pear- a duo chrome red brown

  • Cactus- a duo chrome green brown
  • Dune- a darker matte brown
  • Nightscape- a chocolate brown
  • Turquoise- an icy blue
  • Mineral- a shimmery light pink
  • Sandstone- a matte orange pulling a bit brown. I am not sure what descriptive words I am looking for right now!
  • Heatwave- a metallic bronze red
  • Hot Spring- a metallic blue

As you can see, all of the shades are very pigmented and those mattes are amazing. But, do not let finger swatches speak for how well a shadow will perform.

The Highlights

  • Serenity- a very light pink
  • Bliss- a light gold
  • Mirage- a darker gold
  • Utopia- a bronze
  • Hideaway- a darker bronze

I am sure you can tell that the highlights have a lot of glitter in them..

Look # 1

  • I started off by priming my eyes and setting it with Sand. I think Sand is my new favorite thing to set my lids with.
  • I pulled it a lighter random transition shade to give a bit better of a gradient and blended it into my crease starting with the middle then going out.
  • I repeated this step with Sandstone
  • After that I went in with canyon the same way I did with the other shades but didn’t go as high up.
  • I went back in with Sandstone and placed in on my inner and outer lid.
  • I repeated the previous step with Nighscape a blended a bit into the crease.
  • I placed Cactus on to the center of my lid.
  • I popped Moonscape into my inner corner.

I went on my lower lash line with all the matte shades going from lightest more blown out, to the darkest right on the lash line.

I am also sure you can tell, I got tired of blending. Not that these shades don’t blend well, I was just tired and it was 6 in the morning.

The highlight I used this day was bliss, I did not spray a setting spray on before applying.

Look # 2

  • After I primed my eyes, I used Bone again to set it.
  • I started with Sandstone as my transition to really make the Look warm. I blended all all through my crease, on some of my lid and blew it out.
  • I then went in a little tighter into my crease with Canyon.
  • I used Nighscape on my outer V
  • I placed Hot Spring on my lid, leaving the inner lid open.
  • I placed Turquoise on my inner lid, inner corner, and down to my inner lower lash line.

  • I used the mattes on my lower lash line in the same order as before.

This day my highlight was Serenity and Mirage. I sprayed setting spray before and after I applied them.

Thoughts- Shadows

The mattes are pigmented and easy to work with. The shimmer and metallic shades are really pretty and don’t require a wet brush to show up boldly.

When you dip your brush into the shadows there is a lot of kick up. This isn’t too big of a deal to me, just tap your brush off.

There is quite a bit of fall out on the face during application. This isn’t an issue for me, I always do eyes first.

I am very impressed with the shadows for how inexpensive the palette is.

Is it a must purchase for the shadows? No. It isn’t exactly unique to the market now a days. But they are nice and if Desert Oasis does strike your fancy the shadows are great.

Thoughts- Highlights

I am disappointed. I was really excited for these because of how much Tati and a few other people raves about them.

I think they are chunky and a bit too glittery to me. They added some texture to my skin as well.

I DO like the shade Mirage, which is the largest pan. I am not sure why, but it isn’t as chunky as the others.

The highlights do make good shadows though.

Over all

If this Palette is already on your radar, I would try for the shadows. Especially since it is 25% off right now. Hell, you may love the highlighters as well-other people love them I just don’t.

For me this palette gets šŸŒµšŸŒµšŸŒµ out of 5 Cactuses. For me the highlights were a huge pull, and they were duds. But, they shadows are great, so they earned back some of the Cactuses.

What drugstore products should I try or Review next?

Thank you so much for reading šŸŒµ

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5 thoughts on “B.H. Cosmetics Desert Oasis Palette | 2 Looks and a Review!

      1. The only reason I didn’t is because I know I’m probably going to buy a bunch of neutral palettes in the few upcoming months with holiday releases and what not. But all of bh cosmetics that I’ve purchased get lots and lots of use lol


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