Fortune Cookie Soap OTM | Rydell Forever

I finally got a new phone! So hopefully my pictures won’t look like absolute trash anymore.


I love Fortune Cookie Soap. Every month they have themed boxes, usually movie themed which I also love, that you can subscribe to. I believe it is like $28 a month.

The products are usually limited collection previews, and the products are for the most part full sized. Super cool.

September’s box theme is “Rydell Forever”, so Grease. I LOVE musicals almost as much as scary movies. Fun fact, I did chorus/ show choir for like 4 or five years. Most of middle school and some of High School. Only quitting because we moved states and I refused to be a part of anything at my new school.

Back to the point, smell good stuff!

“You’re the one that I want” Microdermabrasion Scrub $14.99

I love microdermabrasion scrubs. I have a lot of scaring on my face. I pick any number on my skin as a nervous habit. THE WORST. So, these scrubs are my best friend.

This one is scented lightly with sandal wood and apple. It does smell nice.

“Pink Ladies” Wax Tarts $4.99

scented with chamomile, wild lily, pink jasmine, and pineapple nectar.

These hearts smell amazing! I want to save them for spring though sense they have such a lovely floral scent. I may even include them in Christmas gifts to friends.

“T-Birds” Shower Steamer $3.99

Fun fact number two for this post. I don’t have a bath tub, just a stand up shower, so shower steamers are the closest I can get to a bath bomb. Needless to say I lohove them.

This one is scented with redwood, saffron, persimmon purée, and a touch of peach. I love peach.

“Tell me about it…Stud” Dry Oil $12.99

I don’t think I have ever used a dry oil. Apparently they are like a perfumed frizz spray for hair or can be used like a spray on lotion for the body.

Scented with cranberry, mandarin, plumeria, orange and a “sexy” musk.. it does smell amazing.

“Summer Lovin'” Aloe me Whipped Cream $7.99

Instead of their original whipped body cream, they have been sending it mixed with aloe gel. I can’t even explain how nice it feels on my legs!!! I have insanely bad eczema all over my legs. It itches and burns and sucks. This formula cools them down and soothes them.

This one is scented with beach sands, lemon zests, and banana.

“Greased Lightning” Hemp Seed Leave-in Conditioner $12.99

My frizz ball hair loves leave in conditioner. I just ran out of the Fortune Cookie Soap Argon Oil hair serum thing I was using, so this came at the perfect time.

Scented with bergamot (yaaasss), clycamen, and woody undertones.

Sandra Dee” Shower Smoothie $15.99

I cannot wait to use this, it smells so so good! My mom keeps trying to weasel it away from me. Sorry Janet!

Scented with Cotton Candy ( Que the pretty blue color) white raspberry, sparkling champagne, berries, and a touch of cypress.

That is it for this months box! Way worth the price to me, I love this brand so much!! It is creative, clean, and everything smells and works great.

Would you like to see more on any of these products?

Thank you for reading ❤️

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