Ipsy Mystery Bag | I believe this is March?

Of course I couldn’t get just one $14 mystery bag. And yes, there is one more on the way!

If my memory serves me correctly this is the March Mystery bag. The bag itself is super cute, let’s just start with that.

In the mystery bags ( the $14 version) you get five random products that were featured in that certain months glam bag. (The one that has a $12 subscription fee.)

Hanhoo Bubble Up Peeling Pads

I have never heard of a bubble up peeling pad, so we are already starting out on a great note. These bubble pads are meant to cleanse the skin of surface oil, dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells. While brightening and smoothing the skins appearance. There are five in the pack and they recommend you use it once to twice a week.

Beauty For Real Lip Balm “Hannah”

I really love products like this for the summer time. It gets very humid where I live, so I tend to do the minimal makeup thing. Tinted balms like this are perfect for that routine. It doesn’t hurt that the shade is really pretty either.

Defy & Inspire Nail Polish “Pinky Swear”

First of all, how is this polish only sold at Target, but I got it through Ipsy? Weird. Not sure how I feel about it. I guess Target teamed up with Ipsy?

As for the color itself. I usually don’t go for pink nails, but I really like this shade! It’s a really like pink and I think it will look fantastic.

H2O+ Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream

As I have mentioned in my last few posts, my skin has been crazy dry lately. So, this little tube will come in handy. I also really like gel moisturizer formulas. I am thinking I am going to really end up liking oasis.

Real Her Eyeshadow “Victorious”

I have had a few of the Real Her palettes, and always pass them along because I just didn’t love the formula.

But this single shadow, I love it. It’s creamy and pigmented and looks beautiful on the eyes. Why can’t their palettes be this good!?

That is everything I got in my mystery bag, including a super cute keychain. I just enjoy surprises, so I think these bags are a super fun way to experience products from past months. I only get Ultimate, so the stuff in the regular glam bags are new to me, and it’s neat. I may also purchase some of the Glam Bag Plus mystery bags, they retail for $32.

What do you think of the Mystery bags? What is your favorite product I received?

Thank you for reading 🍓

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SC @manda_janette

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