BoxyCharm Base Box | May 2020

Before we get into the actual box, let’s discuss how bad I wanted the Tarte Micellar Water for whatever reason? Didn’t get it, but now I just have this strong urge to buy it. I mean I am almost out of micellar water.

Anyway, away from my dumb rambles. The base box is $25 a month. You get five beauty products, for the most part full sized items.

My box this month did not contain an info card, and I did not get an email containing one.

Glam Glow Berry Glow Probiotic Recovery Mask

This stuff looks and smells like yogurt. You can either wash off the mask, for tissue off the excess and massage into the skin what remains. I am excited to try it out. I know Glam Glow is rather pricey.

Daily Concepts Shampoo Bar

If you saw my latest Target Beauty Box unboxing, you would know I love shampoo bars. I am happy to get to try this one out. It smells wonderful!

Ayam Dead Sea Mineral & Vitamin C Serum Makeup Remover Wipes

I can always use more makeup removing wipes. I like that there is Vitamin C Serum infused in the wipes. The skin can always use a little extra Vitamin C!

Pretty Vulgar Eyeshadow Primer

Is this brand still sold at Sephora? I feel like I only see it in sub boxes. I like trying out different eye primers, my lids are kind of oily.

Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette

Usually I would be excited about receiving a palette, but this is just so boring. It reminds me of a toned down version of Sultry by ABH. I will still be doing a Look with this palette for a future post. But, I may complain the whole time.

Over all thoughts

I am actually pretty happy with everything, but the palette. And I’m sure my mom would actually really like it. So, I’ll get to pass it on to her. Not my favorite box, not the worst.

What was in your Base box this month?

Thank you for reading 🍓

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SC @manda_janette

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