My First BoxyCharm Premium | Did I waste my money?

I had been toying with the idea of subscribing to premium for a while, and finally decided to jump on it. It’s right around $35 a month and you get 5-6 full sized beauty products.

To begin this post. Apparently my box didn’t meet the minimum price requirement for Boxy Premium, so I was emailed a discount code for the next Boxy Pop up. Which is nice, but I tend to miss the pop ups anyway.

Now, for what I actually got.

Spongellé Salted Rose Mani Pedi Treatment Set

I don’t think this is something I will use. I just get mani pedis done at a salon. But, I have never tried to do my own. So, maybe I will actually crack this open and see how I do.

Sugar Rush Best Bud Lip Butter “Peony”

The formula feels amazing, and it smells so good!! Like vanilla. And that packaging? Precious!!

Now on to the makeup products!!

Milk Beauty lip and Cheek Glow Oil “Flare”

I am not putting this on my cheeks. It seems like a break out waiting to happen. But, I will use it on my lips! I love products like this for the summer time.

Hour Glass Ambient Lighting Blush “Diffused Heat”

This is a product I already own and love. I’m not even mad about getting something I already have. I love this blush and I am more than happy to have a back up.

Now, for some eye makeup!

KVD Ink Well Liner “Lolita”

This is a product I have almost bought a dozen times. I love the ink well liner in Trooper, and think Lolita is such a pretty shade. I am excited to finally have it so I can experiment with different looks!

Smashbox Photo Edit Eyeshadow Quad “Holy Crop”

The packaging is so cool, it looks like a camera lens! This is the perfect on the go, or quick look quad. The formula is buttery and the shades are really pigmented. I am sure I’ll be able to create some beautiful looks with this quad.

Over all thoughts?

I’m not completely disappointed, but I’m not as happy with it as I wanted to be. Hopefully, next month I will receive the correct value. However. I am happy with the products I got, and can’t wait to use many of them.

What was in your BoxyCharm box this month, on any level?

Thank you for reading 🍓

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