Studio Makeup Ease To Wear Palette | Subscription Box Win or Whomp?


Today, we are going to play with and talk about the Studio Makeup Ease to Wear eyeshadow palette that came in the recent BoxyCharm.

The Ease to Wear palette retails for $35.

The palette contains 9 shades.

  • Sheen- A shimmery cream
  • Flaxen- A shimmery copper
  • Bare- A mid tone cool brown

  • Gilded- A shimmery cool tones almost gold
  • Wicked- Shimmery cool toned brown
  • Lace- a very light cool tone matte brown

  • Dusk- A satin pink
  • Blush- A matte light lilac
  • Fate- A matte warm toned dark brown

The look

  • I primed my eyes and set them with “Lace”
  • Using a larger fluffy brush, I placed “Bare” into my crease and a bit above.
  • Using a tapered blending brush I placed “Fate” on my outer corner and into the outer crease.
  • I placed “Gilded” on the remainder of my lid.
  • I popped shade into the inner corner and under my brow bone.
  • Using a liner brush I placed “Fate” right along my lower lash line.
  • I blended that out some with a mixture of “Bare” and “Lace”

Over all thoughts

Initially I didn’t think I’d like this palette. I thought it was going to be poor quality and something I would just pass along. However, I really enjoy it! The color story is pretty, and the shadows are so easy to work with.

However, if I hadn’t gotten it in BoxyCharm, I would not go out of my way to purchase it. It isn’t particularly unique. I would just go for a ColourPop palette rather than spending the $35 and shipping on this.

Have you tried this palette? What were your thoughts?

Thank you for reading 🐌

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