BoxyCharm Base July 2020 | Sunshine

It’s time for our monthly Boxy Charm Base unboxing.

The base box costs $25 a month. You get 5-6 sample and full sized beauty items.

Clean Skin Club Vitamin C Brightening Booster $49.95

This serum is meant to brighten skin, protect against UV damage, and help reduce the eventual signs of aging. I think this will be the next serum to go into my rotation, after I finish my current one that is.

Lavish Quick Color Switch Dry Brush Cleaner $20

I have been using wash rags to get pigment off brushes while doing my makeup. That doesn’t always work the best, I’m happy to finally have a color switch!

Ciaté Everday Vacay Coconut Setting Spray $22

I have heard some very good things about this setting spray, so I am excited to try it for myself. I just hope the scent isn’t too obnoxious.

The Créme Shop Clean Canvas Color Correcting Cushion Primer “Purple” $20

Apparently this primer is supposed to make makeup last 12+ hours. That is quite a claim! The purple is meant to minimize yellow spots, which I don’t really have a problem with. I will probably pass this along to someone who needs it.

Pür Cosmetics Festival 2.0 Eyeshadow Palette $36

I believe that we got the original Pür Festival palette in boxy around this time last year, so its neat to get the updated version. I really enjoy the color story of this palette and can’t wait to put it to use.

Over all, I’m really happy with this box! One product is a dud, but the rest seems great and I can’t wait to use them.

My boxes total came to $147.95. Awesome!

What was your favorite item from your July BoxyCharm? Comment below!

Thank you for reading 🤙

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7 thoughts on “BoxyCharm Base July 2020 | Sunshine

  1. I just have to say first: Hi! And I really enjoy your blog! I lovvve beauty content, so your posts are right up my alley!

    This looks like a very nice box variation! I still haven’t opened my base box. I’m saving it, because I’m going to do an unboxing of it for my new YouTube Channel ❤ My premium box hasn’t shipped yet, so that unboxing may not be until August! Lol.


      1. Hey, Manda! Aw that’s so awesome! The link to my Channel is:

        You can also find it at the very top of my blog page. 😊 Thank you so much! It means so much to me that you want to check it out!

        I’m launching either tonight or tomorrow!! I’m actually prepping and getting things in order to record my very first video, a skincare products unboxing, right now! But once that first video goes up, I’m going to be pumping them out consistently! I’ve got a little schedule of videos that are coming up. If you like sub boxes, all things beauty, fashion, jewelry, lifestyle, wellness, pets, etc., then you’ll love the videos that I’ve got lined up! I think I’m going to unbox my BoxyCharm after the skincare unboxing. 🥰

        Thank you again for your interest! That totally made my day! ❤🤗


  2. Oh, I forgot your question!

    Even though I’ve yet to unbox my July 2020 BoxyCharm base box, I did choose the Clean Skin Club Vitamin C serum. I absolutely LOVE Vitamin C serums (and anything else with Vitamin C), so unless they messed up my box, then I just know that this will be my favorite item from this month’s base box! 🥰


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